PS4 Guild "Casual Spirit" Looking for new members!

Hello Everyone!

Casual Spirit is a PS4 Level 62 Guild. We’ve got 13 members, and are usually hitting the 4th+ tiers in weekly Guild Tasks (40K+). We’re consistently winning our schedule and bracket weekly in Guild Wars. Looking for folks who want to get better - new players and veterans alike - and help contribute in reviving Casual Spirit! No requirements, other than try to contribute what you can weekly, and try to participate in Guild Wars.

I started playing this game in 2015. Had a great guild and was ranked fairly well. We’ve had a number of great players over the years, but ultimately, many moved on to larger guilds. Looking to build a fun crew again, and really just have some fun playing the game! Hoping you’ll find that our Guild could be the right home for you, even if it’s temporary! I feel like there are many old guilds out there with just a few active players - if you need a new place to get help, or play with some chill people, look no further. Bring your friends! Everyone welcome!

PM me, or reply to this thread, if interested in joining! Thanks!

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Hi there, my wife (lvl 291) and I (lvls 844) are looking to join an active guild. We play daily, love the guild wars. Both of us have our cities upgraded all the way so we both can contribute most of our gold to tasks, easily 500k/week.

I just shot you a personal message! Happy to have you on board and can send invites tonight when I’m home from work! Thanks for replying, and welcome to the squad! :grin: :grin: :grin:

Gorilla bump!

Casual Spirit still open to accepting anyone and everyone! New players looking for a guild, feel free to PM me. Same goes for vets looking to switch it up, or leave inactive guilds.



@HiddenToots i think i have a recruit for ya! I will let you know brudda

Great! Feel free to send my way! Happy to help!

And thanks!!

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Almost Labor Day Weekend! Woo-Hoo!

That means more time to play GoW! Looking for a guild to slam through the weekend? Casual Spirit is still looking for players on PS4! All levels welcome! PM me if interested, or reply to the thread!

If you still have a spot, I’d like to join!
I play at least a little bit every day but I’m in a super dead guild right now.
I’m somewhere around level 200 and still leveling up kingdoms, but will reserve some gold for guild tasks.

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Hi! Totally do! PM me your invite code, or friend me on PS4 (HiddenToots) with your invite code - can invite tonight when back from work. Welcome aboard!

Getting a lot of folks recently asking about joining Casual Spirit! Yes! We’re still totally accepting players into the Guild! Happy to have one and all! PM me if interested, and thanks to those who’ve joined recently!

Happy October, everyone!

Casual Spirit still on the hunt for new members! Kicking butt weekly in Gem Wars. We’ve now got 21 members, and are level 74. From displaced vets in inactive guilds, to new players looking to join an easy going but active bunch; we’re accepting all members! 9 spots left!


I’m very interested in joining! I’m fairly new, and learning a bit, but in an entirely dead guild. I play daily, and can easily gain near 1500 seals each week. I also love gathering trophies, though my gold donation may be a bit lower than expected for now.
My IGN is ilikefriends.
Let me know if I may join, and if you need anything from me!

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I’ll send an invite! Welcome to Casual Spirit!! Excited to have you on board!

Have you lost Guild mates to other games? Feeling like no one in your guild is playing anymore? You and a buddy need a new home? New to the game and need some pals to play with?

Fun and friendly guild, Casual Spirit, still looking for members! We’re rockin’ with a solid crew at the moment - always looking for new and veteran players alike. Send me a message if interested!

Bump up the jam!

I’m interested in joining. My current guild failed to register for GW at all this week. Psn is Marrington. Drop me a message when someone can invite me and I’ll leave my current guild.

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