PS4 Guild "Casual Spirit" Looking for new members!


Will invite you tonight! I’ll PSN you so you know to leave, then just let me know when done and I will shoot you the invite.

Excited to have you! We’ll definitely be in GW, and definitely will be kicking butt!



Thanks @Vangor !


I love your avatar HiddenToots :slight_smile: tidy


haha! thanks @JuaitoR ! One of my more favorite recent games. Thoroughly enjoyed platinum-ing that one!

Cheers, Mun! :wink:


Bumpin’ up the ol’ Casual Spirit thread! We’re still marching along! Looking for members seeking a fun new home! We’re 20 awesome peeps looking for 10 more to continue marching up the ranks!

Come along for the ride!


Bumpin’ it up!

Casual Spirit as always looking for some new members! Lots has changed since our original post from August. We’ve got 25 members and are level 110. Guild Rank 341, but winning every week!!! Looking for members to help keep us climbing! If you can’t hack it in one of the top guilds, come on down for a change of pace group, who likes to have fun and win!

PM me if interested!


Casual Spirit still looking for friends for GoW fun! Guild level 132, Rank 293, GWars Bracket 26. 27 active members from levels 100-1000! All levels welcome - PM me if interested, or post here! Happy GoWing everyone!


Bumping. Look me up on the pS4 and I’ll put u in the guild leader community, if you’d like. Thanks.
Santandrix is my Psn tag too.