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(Proof is welcome but not necessary)... Did any of you receive a mythic LT this week during the first 48 hours after weekly reset?

I’m happy for you other platforms if you received a Mythic LT during the Laggate 2020. But honestly this question really only pertains to PC/Mobile players since we share the same servers/drop rates. Even though I know the lag affected every platform.

Oh and please state what guild you are in. So that way if all 30 of your members post here. Then we know it wasn’t 30 different guilds.

first 2 days of April 20th 2020 ToD. no Mythics from LTs. Black Dragon

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No Mythics yet this week in Druids either.


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What’s a mythic lt?


Mythic Legendary Task

We get dozens of lts every week, and I’ve yet to see a mythic, pretty sure. And I’ve been in U1 for a long time now—pretty underwhelming odds.

Was pretty thrilling when Euryali popped for U3 right before I was promoted to U1, though. Just wish that thrill happened at least quarterly :laughing:

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It would also be helpful if people could estimate/state how many legendary tasks their guild did during the time period. No mythics from 1000 randomly pulled tasks is a much stronger statement than no mythics from 100

To be fair, I’m not expecting every single guild who did LT in the first 48 hours to say that they didn’t get a mythic LT. The list would be pretty long. I’m just looking for at least one guild who did.
Which is basically a guarantee every week at least one guild will get a Mythic LT the first 48 hours.
But if folks share that they didn’t get a Mythic LT I’m not going to tell them not to.

As far as Im aware, there are no Mythic LT in the game. At least not on Xbox. You can either have a mythic daily adventure or receive a mythic IN a LT that you or one of your guildmate completed.

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Which more people than just I refer to as “a mythic LT” since there is a Mythic rarity troop located in the legendary task.


Ive perfectly understood you were referring to a LT giving a mythic troop.
But there can be thausands of players referring as Mythic LT, it is still wrong. A legendary task will never be Mythic hence the name Legendary.

It’s slang.
So it’s not anymore wrong than referring to Mountain Crusher as MC. :man_shrugging:

A legendary task wasn’t intended to be referred to as a a rarity type. They were just basic and legendary tasks. Now with epic tasks it makes a bit more murky.
As an individual who likes to debate. I can’t even believe I’m having to justify the difference in your rationality but here we are.

A legendary task can have all sorts of rewards. But the top prize and most rare “legendary task” is one that comes with a Mythic rarity troop. Rather than overtly explain all that. Often folks will say “Hey we got King Irongut from a LT” or they will say “Hey we got a mythic from a LT” or “Hey we got a Mythic LT”.

You’re the first individual I’ve ever witnessed try and tell others that they are wrong from it.
It’s basically like me saying that thing in your living room isn’t a TV, it’s a television… Thank you.

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For me it is.
“Mountain crusher as MC” is same as “Legendary task as LT”. Mythic LT is something else that can be confusing for a title thread for some players.
That being said, my guild never saw a mythic in an LT since a very long time. Drop rate maybe lowered…
The drop rates are displayed ingame to the players for all chests, no reasons its hidden for the LTs.

I edited my post while you were typing expecting you to say basically what you just said in your last post.

That fall under the same category as Mountain crusher as MC or Legendary task as LT. Mythic LT is something else. A bigger shortcut.

I think language barriers might be coming into play here a bit, too. Non-native speakers might have more difficulty parsing slang, and native speakers aren’t always sensitive to that.

In my own guild I find myself making such mistakes since I have so many people for whom English isn’t their first language. Translation can be hard, because it’s not just about getting words right, but also syntax and sentiment since what might be colloquially understood by my American guildmates can sometimes be confusing to my Italian friends, or vice-versa.

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This isn’t language barrier has the one poster stated that he understood what was being asked. It’s pointless navel gazing over form, when the intent is quite clear.

Obviously, the idea that the Monday/Tuesday lag prevented mythics from dropping seems silly on its face, but given the oddities in this game at times; it makes people ask.


For the most part, I try my best not to use idioms in respect for our players who are ESL.
But never… In my 3+ years of being a GM, have I ever had someone be confused about what I mean by Mythic LT.


Nothing to see about language barrier.
MC for Mountain crusher, LT for Legendary task and TV for Television are abbreviations.
Mythic LT is not an abbreviation, its a shortcut with missing words (troop, in, an) where the complete sentence would be "Mythic troop in a Legendary task).

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Just going to leave this here…
abbreviation, noun, əˌbrēvēˈāSH(ə)n, shortened form of word or phrase

Im not english speaker but LT (legendary task), TV (television), MC (mountain crusher) do not miss any words… Mythic LT miss words. So no way to say its the same thing. Now you understand that or not is only something about you and your brain capacity.