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Problems with dawnbringer in Arena

For some time is something like that, instead of red gems shows others color and true color not works(not give magic) when in real on the board it 13 red gems.
This is a first problem
Second problem.
Sometimes danwbringer gain bonus magic when in real on he board not is 13 red gems
Third problem.
Sometimes the icon with informatione about amount red gems does not show up at all when your spell is ready to use.
Maybe somebody have the same problem.
P.S.: look right icons, what is it?
@Sirrian waiting and thanks for any information!

Hey there,

We’ve tried to replicate this and can’t see the issue on PC (please let me know what platform you’re on).

If you are on Steam, try closing the game and Verifying Integrity of game cache. If that doesn’t work you might want to ensure your account is linked and try a reinstall.

Play on Steam and Thank you for the tips I will try.

so I checked the game data and everything is good, one note, noticed it today when i beggin in first few session dawnbringer works good, after ~30 min mistakes begin, possible, that is it have connection with this Game lags when accessing Troops and other menus