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Problem to launch the game (Error 768 Asset corruption on Xbox)

Developer comment: Please see this article for information on this issue: Asset corruption error.
Hello guys, I’m new here and I have a problem. I’m playing on Xbox One and I’m not able to play because the game doesn’t want to play. i asked help to Tacet and he advices me to come here to post my problem, because you can have a solution.

So my problem is this: When I launch the game I have a message about corruption (no joke, I’m serious), and no name juste some code with numbers and letters. I’m currently re installing my game, I hope I won’t loose something during this.

Anybody on Xbox or other support had this problem? MAybe a solution to help me. Thanks for that!

PS: I’m French so maybe my text will have sompe problem, I hope somebody will be able to help me. Have a nice day.


Salut! Tu as eu le bon reflexe, quelque fois les caches devienne corrompus alors ré-installer le jeu devrait règler ton problême.

Laisse nous savoir si ca a fonctionner

Having the same problem on xbox one.




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Did you reinstall?

I did not, will do it tomorrow in case it’s not fixed on their side

Ok it should be fixed after reinstallation then :slight_smile:

I re install the game and it’s works perfectly.


Cool now go kick some bots :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem and I reinstalled without success, any idea to solve the problem?

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Same here (and I’m also French, is that related?).

I’ve reinstalled the game a couple of times, no success.

I have the same text error :


And in the back of the screen, I’ve got “[3042_NAME]” and [3042_BYLINE] that appears and reappears, instead of the regular text…

Also, when I reinstalled the game, it was 1,1Go of download, but it takes 2.1Go on the console, but it’s maybe not related…

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Exactly the same for me

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Try the instructions written on this official page. It might help.


Unfortunately, deleting the save didn’t work… :frowning_face:

Thanks for the information TimeKnight :slight_smile:

Unhappily we can’t enter the game, that is not the same problem.

And I tried many times uninstall and reinstall without success…

Salut , j’ai eu du mal a trouver un Français ici ^^, j’ai le meme probleme —> ]ASSET_CORRUPTION_ERROR] [ERROR_CODE]: 768. J’ai suivie le lien dédié a ce probleme , j’ai réaliser laes manipulation pour le résoudre mais rien y fait , j’ai toujour cette ERROR_CODE 768 qui s’affiche , j’ai vraiment besoin , je ne veux pas lacher ce jeu pour un seul bug .

Tu as ré-installer le jeu? Tu dois tout effacer et ensuite ré-installer

tout d’abord merci mille fois de m’avoir répondu , oui , tu n’imagine pas le nombre de fois que je l’ai réinstaller mais rien a faire . Oui en suivant le lien qui a était cité plus haut , j’ai effacer les saves et l’espace reservé et réinstaller le jeu oui .

Tu as verifier si tu avais une mise a jour?

oui je n’ai aucune MaJ

J ai fait toutes ces manipulations aussi, et pareil aucun résultat!!