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Presents for Everyone!

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, thanks for your patience earlier today while we worked through a few silly bugs that crept into the 2.0.1 update
I think there’s a story behind each one… But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

We have our Android & PC fixes out there, and while we’re waiting for iOS to go into testing and then make its way to Apple for deployment asap, I thought I’d tell you all about some special compensation we have lined up to send to you next week (forget the whole 20 Gems & a Key thing… that’s so 1.9)

Basically, we felt kinda bad that a relatively simple update contained so many wacky issues, so a bunch of us decided to come into the office this weekend to make you all a special present.

And because it was a bit of a “Rocky” start to 2.0.1, we thought that nothing would make more sense than a new troop… the ROCK TROLL.

We’ve already got a quick rough image sketched out, and we’ll be fleshing him out, polishing up his art, creating & testing a spell over the weekend.

He’ll then make his way out to you next week in a mail for everyone over level 10… complete with a few Souls and Traitstones!

Meet the Rock Troll - version 1


Its so cool, Thanks!

While not Tyri’s other brother (though maybe?), he is beyond awesome. That is all.

Thanks for such a generous gift! :smile_cat:


Much appreciated! I love trolls! :innocent:


That’s awesome! He looks pretty Impervious…(hint, hint)

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You know, I think he looks pretty Indigestible


We are in agreement there :grin:

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You guys really go the extra mile to stay in touch with your community. Much appreciated!


oohhh…indigestable hint…this is no Rock Troll - this is a Rockin’ Troll :smile::smile:


Thanks for the special effort @Sirrian

Way better than 20 gems and a mule, erm key! You must have an awesome art department to conjure up such a great piece like that, so quickly.


Can’t wait to see his abilities, he looks so cool!

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@Sirrian Thanks to you and the dev team. You are all a very big part of why I continue to play GoW!

Excited for the new troop! :wink:

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very cool! what kingdom?? :kissing:

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Does everyone include console? :thumbsup:


Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids. And Trolls are for PC/Mobile.


Is that a no?

@Shiratori isn’t a dev, so it can’t be an official “no,” but since @Sirrian works for the PC/mobile team and the two are managed entirely separately, I don’t think you can read from this that the troop will be available for Console in this time frame.

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Is he Y/Br? ::holds breath::