Predict the Bugs - Week 1

Welcome to everyone’s favorite gameshow, Predict the Bugs! On this show, we aim to provide a fun and engaging way for players to interact with Gems of War. So, what will it be, player? Stake your claims! Guess correctly for gold, prestige, honor, and the vague, empty throb of knowing YOUR bug was featured this week.

What bug do YOU think will be most prominent next week?

  • New Troop Bug
  • New Weapon Bug
  • Event Bug
  • Campaign Bug
  • New Update Bug
  • Other (Comment Below!)

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Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you next week on…



I say the Faction Assault for this weekend will be bugged if the Wyrmrun Faction Assault and recent incidents have taught us anything.


I’d hazard to guess there will be an event issue too, although we must be due for a new troop bug soon…

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If there was an all of the above issue I have a feeling that would score highly.


I’m worried about a W.A.I bug. Someone predict this acronym for me.

Clue: This is usually a feature turned out to be a bug that is claimed later to be a feature.


Faction assault will be bugged (wrong background, units problems, wrong rewards or whatever).
I guess it will be worst on Android because they always forget something for Android (tests, graphic package, icons, …)


Something to do with the weekend Invasion. Im suspicious about the Invasion troop we got this week already

W.A.I = Weaver Arachnaean Impediment? The devs will correct the #weavergate by removing the troop from the game for good.

edit: yes, i had hard time coming up the word starting with i


Haha…that was a good one. Not what I intended :wink: though.


Like the pun :wink:

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Thanks for the post… I’m having actual fun with this poll :+1:


Someone is making a poll about what will be the next bugs… that would be the end for me as a Dev. It just does not get any worse…


Three of Friday’s troops create gems with their traits, in other words, we already know they will:

  • Softlock the game if someone dares play ‘’‘too fast’’’
  • Grant extra turns to the AI

Pre-emptive bug report time?


ouch, indeed, extra turns for the AI bug incoming. :crazy_face:

I wish we could pay to get our favorite bug.
This is Gems of Bug!

The delve map looks deceptively simple. I can already imagine the devs rising to the challenge to make the boss room inaccessible.

Germs of War.

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in all seriousness: please do it for the whole playerbase!
my words right now for the whole company of 505 would lead to a permanent forum ban i guess.
they fixed wyrmrun traits quick, then happened the same with hawthorn (still under investigation), but official post is: “Hawthorn’s ‘Born of X’ Traits, ‘Born of Nature’ will be changed out to another Trait until the issue is fixed.”
nothing happened!!!
now they don’t answer, it happened again with water weird and they silently updated their official site?

**** you devs!!!


Event Bug is currently in the lead, but Campaign Bug in second may have its chance to shine with carry-over from the current bug! And as @sls pointed out, troops are coming that create gems…

Although this week may be wet, wet, the competition is BOILING right now, folks! We at Predict the Bugs are proud to be Gems of War’s least buggy game mode for 2021. Happy voting!


I predict the new bug will be: the game will be locked permanently unless you pay to play.

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This game is going down!