Potential for Guild crafting system

Hello everyone, We all know how guild work for most part right. Well what if we had a system setup for us to gather random items from the dungeons and bring them to guild and craft advancement to our guild statues to power them even further. Leave your opinions just no trolling

Come on ppl surely you have something to say bump

The main issue is that small guilds are not going to be happy because top level guilds will have more items and so on, more bonus than them…

But to go in the “let’s do Crafting system a guildy story” I propose a little tweak to Dungeon:

  • actually it seems that each player will play Dungeon and get X ressources
  • we do exactly the same but the ressources are given the day after and better than getting X, you get X+Y%, with Y the number of guildies who completed the dungeon. So if all your guildies do their dungeon, you get a +30%.
  • to avoid the “you have to do your dungeons else everyone will hate you”, the bonus could be maxed to 25.

(I’m also sad of the lack of discussion. Feel free to comment on my topics :wink: )

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