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Posts not showing in guild chat

Hi after the update the game seams to works fine apart from my messages are not showing up in the guild chat. Is there anyway to solve this. Thanks in advance

There are a bunch of messages already dealing with this issue, so yes they know about it but no unfortunately there is no fix yet :(. Uninstalling/reinstalling the game does not fix this particular issue, I can verify that.


Thank you for letting me know and hope the fix comes quick for all of us

Same! All my guildies that aren’t in our LINE chat keep asking me questions about the new update, and it won’t let me respond bah!

For real! I’m guildmaster and feel bad like I’m ignoring my guild.

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Chat was broken for weeks, about a month ago they fixed it. But it looks like they accidently rolled back the fix to the original.

There is nothing the player can to themselves on this issue.

Yes still broken - I can read but cannot post in guild chat

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