Poll: What's Your VIP Level?

It does indeed sound like maybe you were gifted points

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Level 5, and I am staying there in protest of the new P2W Deathknight armor. The only item in the game that requires purchase to obtain.

I wouldn’t put deathknight armor in the PTW box.
It does nothing to benifit your actual team and just improves the same resources as the dragon and celestial armors except both at the same time. I get how it is an item you can only get by paying but calling it PTW is a Grand Canyon kind of stretch


Been playing over a year.
Did most of my paying in the early stage, but much less frequent once my guild starts to get into gear.

vip lv0

im trying to find a thread about vip costs for each level, ugh…
just considering maybe… i could…

Points and Cost for VIP levels

It only goes to level 10. The next level I’ve seen somewhere should be 1.500 points aka 300 USD.

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If you have a lot of gems saved up, VIP 5 is pretty nice. Just for the chests. Only reliable way to get arcanes besides the glory bundles.

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Sitting at level 4. Would like to be 5 for the VIP chests but I’m not going to do it.

Level 2. Don’t know if I’ll ever go past it. My first purchase was a miserable experience (fixed and I’m ok with the outcome, but I don’t have faith in the store working as intended)

That said… i was interested in Lvl 5 and then I saw that it doesn’t count for what I’ve already gotten, so I lost interest in it.

I’m Level 5 and I have bought items when I can with things like birthday money or extra sale - to support the Company/Engineering Team.

To me this is one of the best games I have ever played on a computer and while there are things I don’t like or would like to see changed, it is worth giving support to the team for their countless hours of drawing art, coding, debugging, babysitting servers (I know their pain), especially over holidays.

Their support team rocks. The dev talk here on the forum and they support people like Tacet and Lyya as well who contribute to the richness of the game.

Heck I just purchased the 40k a day for 15 days because of the price. Gets my kingdoms to 10th level faster :).


I wonder if something has changed since this thread started (almost a year ago).

Because when I recently got to VIP level 5, all my troops lower than level 5 changed to level 5. (At least when I logged in again next time).

I just went up to Level 5 and all my cards that were not at level 5 became level 5. It seemed to apply to everything I owned.

I was kinda sad because I wanted to have a Level 1 Mythic Mad Prophet :laughing:

I’m a VIP 8, About to be 9 soon. :moneybag:


I’m halfway between 5-6 and my fiancee is just into 5, both PS4. I pay for both and am on a limited budget but get so much from the game and the support that these guys deserve, meant that I bought what I could (and couldn’t!) afford.


I have no other hobbies and the free cash to do it so I’m VIP 12. The reason for spending so much cash was to advance my game. It is F2P but the money invested helps the devs and helped me get troops that were not coming up due to RNG luck (or no luck) as well as getting the traitstones I needed at the time faster than farming. Have not spent anymore for quite a few months now. It is crazy expensive to get any higher.


Probably answered this up thread but I’m too lazy to hunt it up and besides, it’s been almost a year. I’m VIP level 14 now and have no doubt I’ll max it out eventually. Why? Because I love this game and think the devs deserve all the support I can give them. Coding doesn’t grow on trees, ya know. :wink:


VIP 6-7 on console and almost VIP 6 on pc.

Plan to get that much higher though. Need those bonuses.


Since I be playing this game for near 2 years, and more than 2000 hours (a lot in chats), I also forced myself to support the game a little.

Í can´t spend so much money but I made the effort this month. I reached Vip 5, all this month.

I´m not sure if I could contribute much more. Not soon. But probably I try again in the future.
I enjoy this game a lot so, Why not?


Vip 1 (a single daily gems) but I was ogling moving towards VIP 5 for a while now. Initially decided not to (when the everything at lvl 5 wasn’t retroactively applied yet), and now I’m looking for the weapon bundles to come up with the better event weapons that I’ve missed.

I do want to go to VIP 5 eventually but only with purchases that improve my account, like those event weapons. I’m glad they are finally available for 5 euros a piece (that’s a fair price in my book).


i’m half way to vip level 17…

because i LOVE the game. :3

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