Poll: What's Your VIP Level?

i’m (only) level 9, but i think i will reach 10 next month. ;D

Bump for anyone who hasn’t voted yet. :slightly_smiling:

Looks like 0, 2, and 3 are winning. That makes sense. 0 is all the f2p, 2 is all the people that bought slightly more than just the starter pack such as the daily gems multiple times, and 3 is around the $50 area that people tend to drop who think the game is as enjoyable as a main title game. Aside from that, 3 being the most popular VIP aside from none could also be linked to the fact that the VIP 3 has the best reward to cost ratio. Free scouting not only saves 50 gold every match, but it saves several seconds each match of having to check the enemy that allows for quicker and easier wins. I know back before free scouting I hated having to click scout so much and many times would just not scout. With VIP 3+, that no longer becomes a problem.


I won’t click on the poll yet as I am on the PS4 version so I can only take a guess. I would probably be at VIP5 ish when it gets instituted on console. I am also sort of holding back for now unless i see a bundle that happens to have the one troop I am missing.

To be honest I found the level requirements too high. VIP level 10 sounds good (obviously) and thought I would check the most expensive item in the shop… €100, but wont even get me to level 5 and approx. €750 to get to Level 10.

Admittedly I am not used to using this type of pay model but it turned me off spending the €100 and I ended up buying nothing.

I am $200 past level 10. The daily reward is 100 gold & 4 glory keys. Quite lame in my opinion for giving that much support to the devs for a free game. If anyone plays on steam, do you know what the gems collected are for?

I find the VIP rewards in general to be very lackluster. I like the system, just think the rewards could be tuned a little. The main offender is the Troop lvl, it should affect all of your troops, and not just troops you’ve only then discovered after making the VIP level. I’m VIP 5 here, I buy daily gems and the occasional arcane bundle.

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I’ve spent only $5 but my VIP level is 2.

The developers must have gifted me some VIP points at some point

Would buying the DeathKnight pack by itself make you VIP 3?

EDIT: Yes, it does. That’s explains the prevalence of VIP 3

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$5 gives 25 points which is the threshold for VIP 2 (VIP 1 is gained simply buy making any purchase so your 1st purchase of $5 would instantly give you VIP 2)

Makes sense, but I’m 60/100 into VIP2 and I know I was VIP1 when we got the VIP system

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It does indeed sound like maybe you were gifted points

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Level 5, and I am staying there in protest of the new P2W Deathknight armor. The only item in the game that requires purchase to obtain.

I wouldn’t put deathknight armor in the PTW box.
It does nothing to benifit your actual team and just improves the same resources as the dragon and celestial armors except both at the same time. I get how it is an item you can only get by paying but calling it PTW is a Grand Canyon kind of stretch


Been playing over a year.
Did most of my paying in the early stage, but much less frequent once my guild starts to get into gear.

vip lv0

im trying to find a thread about vip costs for each level, ugh…
just considering maybe… i could…

Points and Cost for VIP levels

It only goes to level 10. The next level I’ve seen somewhere should be 1.500 points aka 300 USD.

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If you have a lot of gems saved up, VIP 5 is pretty nice. Just for the chests. Only reliable way to get arcanes besides the glory bundles.

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Sitting at level 4. Would like to be 5 for the VIP chests but I’m not going to do it.

Level 2. Don’t know if I’ll ever go past it. My first purchase was a miserable experience (fixed and I’m ok with the outcome, but I don’t have faith in the store working as intended)

That said… i was interested in Lvl 5 and then I saw that it doesn’t count for what I’ve already gotten, so I lost interest in it.