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POLL: How do you feel about the Valkyrie changes?

The Valkyrie changes in 2.1.5 have caused a mixed response on the forums and I’m curious what the actual percentage of “like/dislike/don’t care” really is. So, on a scale of 1 to 6, please rate how you feel about the Valkyrie changes in 2.1.5.

    1. Strongly Like
    1. Like
    1. Neutral/Don’t care
    1. Dislike
    1. Strongly Dislike
    1. Haven’t had a chance to try the changes out yet

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Also, please post a small (or large) comment below after voting to keep this poll alive. Thanks! :smiley:

Apparently voting doesn’t count as commenting for polls in regard to keeping a post fresh? That’s lame lol :frowning:

I feel relaxed…

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As an end game player the amount of souls I need / have is very low on the list of required resources. Beginners and mid game players I bet are not to happy about the nerf. Makes it even harder for them to be able to build the souls to level the troops to level the kingdoms to get the stars built up . . . . . and so on and so on.


We need to get more votes on this. The whole forum. In this case those that pick neutral/don’t care means they were unaffected at all with Valkyrie before (pre nerf) as well.

I caught @Nimhain changing her vote from ‘dont care’ to ‘strongly like’

Spoiled vote :stuck_out_tongue:

Devs cant vote on their own updates!!!


Look at this, we can’t even have a clean election! I mean vote. #rigged


Actually I changed it to Haven’t tried it yet…

Good point. Maybe I saw in to the future and you will change it again later today.

If I could cancel my vote I would. I was clicking between programs on my pc.


Even politicians get to vote for themselves so I’m not mad atcha! :wink:

Dislike, for reasons stated in depth other threads is that more better/options needed to be given. Neutral because I don’t need souls anymore. Like because now maybe the changes that need to happen are a bit more likely to actually happen.


Quit toying with my emotions! :wink:

I hate the change in Valk, but I knew it was coming eventually.

I like it

Only been playing 5-6 weeks & already sick & tired of using valk - now i have alternatives:

Avina, Keeper of Souls (+ wights with 3rd trait), Dragon Soul, wights

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Seems most do not care (as of this post) however i like the changes to valkyrie.

I should have made a “Do not care because I’m up to my eyeballs in souls already” and a “Do not care because I’m too cool for souls” option instead. :wink:


Strongly like is doing well. Couldnt make it up :joy:


My Valk still works as well as before. Need one more cast of her spell for the cap unless i get bonus magic from Blessed trait. Overall the change just didn’t allowed her to become better with the update on how Necromancy works.


Valk is a more combat based troop now, she’s immune to Queen Mab

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