Poison suggestion


Since poison is not very good atm I suggest that it can take 2 damage instead of 1 each turn and also it can kill enemies.

Any thoughts?


My suggestion for poison is that it can kill…


My new suggestion is that posion can take 1 or 2 life each turn, 70% chance for 1 damage and 30% chance for 2 damage. The enemy still might die.


I really hate those percentage based chances to do something, feels too complicated. Why not just make it one true damage per turn, never expires unless cured, never kills?


Not a bad suggestion at all. But I would add that the troops can be killed of it.


That’s what it does already.


No, its not what it does already, it can expire nowadays.


Oh yea, I forgot it can expire. Shows you how often I use it these days!


hehe, yeah. :slightly_smiling:


So let us mix the best suggestion we got so far together, shall we:

  1. Poison doesn’t expire unless a troop heals it.
  2. Poison can kill and can expire.
  3. Poison doesn’t expire unless a troop heals it and can kill.

I am going to vote for number 3. :slightly_smiling:

Of course this topic will be up for more suggestions, very welcome!


My suggestion for poison for over a year now has been to keep it at 1 damage on 50% chance (non-lethal), but repoisoning a troop that is already poisoned would do 1 true damage that can be a lethal last hit.


Thanks for your suggestion. Doubt people will start using poisonous teams with a such minor change tho.


Webspinner, Shadow Dragon, poison in Arena, and any troop with the venemous trait would benefit greatly from 1 true damage when hitting with poison on a poisoned troop. You also have to keep in mind that:

  • The effect needs to scale with lower leveled players
  • Most poison troops are all around not good (Poison Master, lol.)

One other change that could help is poison has a 50% to trigger per move/ability, rather than per turn cycle.


But I just feel it is still a minor change. What do you think of:

  • Poison doesn’t expire unless a troop heals it and can kill


Poison shouldn’t remove from heal nor HP gain. That is one of the few things that cleanse is made for. Adding one true damage to repoisoning is the alternative to leathal kill. I don’t think poison should kill normally. Just like fire isn’t leathal, poison shouldn’t be either. With fire, most troops that can burn have split damage and can clean up the kill. Most poison troops don’t have a clean up method for dealing the last damage to a poisoned troop.


Poison just doing 1 true damage each turn, I don’t think it would be unfair to burning/fire that is doing 3 normal damages if poison was lethal.


The difference is that burn removes over time, whereas poison stays.


Poison might expire too, but not for granted. I still doesnt think it would be unfair for fire tho.


What about poison stacking (non-lethal)? Same would be applied to burning though.


Stacking poison is a bit too much, I think. Even without a good build to promote faster castings of poison spells, just two or three casts over the course of a battle can add up - especially at lower levels. Given an effective team (green slime and shadow dragon, say), a whole lot of poison can be applied, and despite a 50% chance to deal the damage, it still adds up very quickly. There is a reason that Burn does its damage to armor first. Speaking of, can you imagine 6 or 9 or 12 damage from burn? And considering the number of traits that add Burn (or poison, for that matter)… These traits aren’t high on priority lists right now, but given these changes? Jeez.

I would rather see poison changed to something like @eika86’s second example, where it can expire but can be deadly, or like @Tacet’s suggestion, where extra applications do further damage.