PLZ put the remaining 30+ weapons to the flash offer pool

Those weapons are not imbalanced yet unobtainable. For end-game players, such as me, there is nothing worth spending money on anymore. Our fun is to collect as much as we could, and I won’t hesitate to buy those weapons which is good for the company. Plz take this into consideration and TAKE MY MONEY!
BTW, when will ns players be able to have the new kingdom and class? Thanks.

On one hand, yes IP2 would make money off this. On the other, that makes the game more P2W since there’s no in game grinding equivalent.

The game is also missing catchup mechanics though. We shouldnt have to wait a year for weapons to come back to the soulforge.

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I agree with those unobtainable weapons to be released for weekly events in the forge as well. Why have something there no one else can ever obtain? Makes no sense