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Please say the true reason for change sunspear

I think player r reasonable if dev can tell the real story.
the reason patch note say is not duplicate stuff,we also can see 2nd traints is exacly same as lvl 5 “fireproof” . why not change it first but the ‘similar’ skill ? similar is different right?

Looks we from “have NO choise” to “have choise” . is that the reason ?

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An alternative consideration for the mix: they deliberately nerf something they know is gonna get the playerbase going, so that they ‘revert’ it shortly after thus building goodwill because ‘they listen’ (they don’t, or Sunspear would not have been touched to begin with)…

…and then the next Epic Tasks V2.0 comes out to use up the synthetic cookie points they made.
:thinking: :vulcan_salute:

In what world does pissing everyone off buy goodwill exactly? :slight_smile:


Indeed: and yet here we are with a playerbase thrilled about the devs’ actions once again.

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So the Sunspear had a class defining 3rd trait that gave a firestorm at the beginning of every single turn. It also had the OPTION to select a talent that MIGHT give you a firestorm on the first turn, if the enemy team didn’t have a storm that would automatically overwrite it.

Since choosing that talent would be unwise (the majority of talents are laughably terrible anyway), they decided to remove the CLASS DEFINING TRAIT so it would not conflict with the crummy optional talent.

Even someone who had never played this game would understand that is nonsense. Try again.


Personally I believe the reason is too many peeps use this class for low level explore and casual pvp, it hurts the economy. Just think how Dev deliberately designed unnecessary clicks for explore. They just want to slow down the players.


These Devs do have a documented history (Epic Tasks, PvP Gold Nerf, GUI additional clicks…) of going for
"Let’s make things harder so players have to spend more"
instead of
"Let’s make things more fun so players want to spend more"
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i cant believe this horseshit! seriously?! this is garbage, why kill sunspear class?! no more awesome phonecia, cuz why??? the trait overlapped a talent… really? well so does the new stupid 2 extra mana bullshit, oh can gain 3 extra mana with the talent woopty doo. not happy

It was logical to rewrite 3 skills in the Stormcaller class. In the talent trees “Storm”, the 1st and 20th talents d’not work due to the 3rd skills of the class.

Under which class did you intend to play this myth? Stormcaller, Sunspear? The myth of
stryx deals damage under a red storm and from red stones. It was more logical for the myth from Suncrest to deal damage under a Lightstorm and boosted by yellow stones on the field.

God, as badly as I hate to agree… The simple fact is that you can’t disagree with truth, especially when it is obvious.

I DO truly hate to complain, gripe, etc. Yet, the “Slowing New Players Down”, is true.

Over the last 2+ years, my 13 year old daughter has seen me play and FINALLY in January asked to start her own game.

(side note Since she’s been batting depression, anxiety, social anxiety, her ADHD & OCD complicating school to the point she could fail, used to be an A/B kid, when she was not in school, she’s no longer on her laptop, phone… She get’s into bed, covers her head, faces the wall… and either sleeps OR lies there.)

So, as a single mom, the fact she made an attempt to do ANYTHING new was a relief.

Problem was? And having played PS4 and Android, I’ve leveled my share, lol…

I couldn’t BELIEVE the choke hold that seems to be on new players! Even which kingdoms to unlock is controlled and I realized in a way I couldn’t advise her to work the way I did.

I never followed the hardcore players’ Strategy, lol, I just went along how I wanted… What and where I was having FUN.

(It IS a game, and I take it seriously myself, BUT, when it feels less fun and entertaining and more like a chore, responsibility (I’m looking at guilds that like boot you if you’re MIA 2-3 days, LOL, )

Then, not only am I not going to play… I’m DEFINITELY not investing $$$.

-_~ As a matter of fact, added to the injury I got from a car accident some weeks back, (broken shoulder, arm, hand…Yeesh, hurts,lol)… some of those things have stirred that dreaded, BURN OUT with a game that signals the death knell for that game.

Anyway, YIIKES, <<´´´ sry for the BOOK lengthed reply. >>

I guess that happens when I haven’t spoken up on something that drives me nuts.

I’ve tried giving 505 the benefit of the doubt… "Perhaps this leash hold on newly made accounts…is intended to make the game LAST longer, extend it’s lifespan an replay value.

<_< ?