Please reschedule Guild Wars

@havok6669 hush…he will outsmart us. :rofl:

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I dont agree with rescheduling guild wars. This game has nothing to do with real life war. If anything, playing in guild wars would be a distraction to myself and others in my guild from the real world because guild wars week has us doing the most socializing and communicating. Pausing guild wars would hurt more than help imo.


I dont have anything against GW. People should be able to differ what’s for real and what’s just a game.

But, as many people above are proposing to postpone GW- yeah, why not?
It wont hurt anyone eventualy…(maybe some pvp focused and hyped players will be sad, but i guess they will understand)


I think it will be right to postpone guild wars. Not because of the name of this mode but this mode of the game very stressful and takes a lot of time. In this situation A lot of guild members from high brackets don’t have time at all. To say more there is not so much desire to play after reading news. Hope for your understanding.


I completely understand your point of view! But Guild Wars is only the week of March 14th. Maybe by then Vladimir Poutine will have found his sanity !?

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve raised this with the team for consideration.

If you’re in the Ukraine I hope you’re all staying as safe as the situation allows and please know the world is thinking of you.

I will reply back before the next Guild Wars with an update.


Thanks from the city of Rivne, Ukraine! Peace to all of us…


I agree that Guild Wars should discontinue until there’s no actual wars in any country this games supports.

That being said, will Gems of War continue to be available to individuals living in Russia?


The Russians are not to blame for being deceived and showing them what they need, and not what they have, why should they be infringed upon? :frowning:

Alas, to all of us in the realities of the time, where propaganda decides everything …

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Oh look finally a topic that got me to create an account on the GoW forum. Insert sarcasm here, seen enough of the cancel culture. Now let’s cancel GW because well you guessed it, there is another conflict zone and this one is important because we have a lot of High Bracket GW Russian Guilds in GoW. Yeah, let’s turn a video game into a political statement, can’t have anything with War in the title anymore, blah, blah, blah. Nobody seemed to care about conflict in the Middle East or in Africa or anywhere else for that matter, but ya know Eastern Europe is way more important than those other continents/countries in those regions of the world. I would expect quite a few players will just decide to ditch GoW altogether if the devs decide to cancel GW for a few months or even perhaps a month. Lot’s of end gamers only stick around for GW. Count me in for the group that wants GW to continue as scheduled.


I do not support this idea.
It is a game, let it be a game.
Guild war is an event and while I do not like it I think it should happen according to the schedule.

@aspendancer I don’t think the situation would be so bad in Russia, why would it be, there is no war there.

@awryan There was not day on this earth since WWII when there were no battles anywhere, so if gw depends on peace in real word the devs just should delete the game mode since it won’t happen for a very long time


I’m not making this idea up. Whether you agree with it or not. I’m curious what Infinity Plus 2 is going to do.

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why are game studios pressuring Russian everyday citizen?

It’s sanctions against the government that unfortunately hurts the citizens.

I can’t bring myself to support such actions …
I don’t think the government really feel the sanctions, it’s just a game.

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I don’t think they’re pressuring ordinary citizens, they’re just looking at their balance sheets.

With local currencies in freefall, foreign companies operating in sanctioned countries saw their profits drop by 30% in the first week of the war. We don’t know if it’s going to get worse or when it’s going to get better.

They could (do?) charge in other currencies instead (or raise prices to make up for lost profit), but those foreign currencies have become equally more expansive for RU/BY citizens.

The backlash from having to justify doing business with/in RU/BY, operating costs and maintaining Russian localisations might make continued operations in RU/BY economically unsound.

The developers of this game charge you for political statements. Pets, avatars, etc…

Also not sarcastically, multiple people have brought things like this to the front since this game released. Since you made an account use it to search for them. The middle east and several other conflicts have been discussed.

The devs do not care, they aren’t cutting off that much income.

The pressure from Russians towards their own government might be a cruicial point to end this conflict. Thus - as much as it hurts and sounds unfair - every ounce of pressure to normal Russian people might help to tip the scales. The more people feel that something isnt right and that they are cut off from the rest of the world, the better it is.

This makes any statement like “its a game and has nothing to do with it” invalid for me. Same goes for whataboutism like “there have been other conflicts all the time”. When was the last time the biggest country on earth with nuclear weapons in their hands attacked another country in the backyard of the biggest military alliance of the planet?

And: OP didnt even ask to ban Russians from the game. Just to set a sign by postponing GW.


The discussion turned political after all :woman_facepalming:


No one asked to cancel the war, or to punish someone, or blame, or anything else, a request was made to delve into the situation and postpone the game mode, which requires a lot of strength to maintain the level that your basket requires, to a quieter time, no more… And yes, I approve of this postponement - because I love this game and don’t want to be left behind because of this situation with bad internet, lack of electricity and anxiety about tomorrow.

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