Please reschedule Guild Wars

We, Russian and Ukrainian GOW players, would like to make a request to developers.
We ask to cancel or postpone next Guild Wars because of the current situation. People don’t want to fight even in the game.
We ask the community to support our request. Please, let’s stop (Guild) Wars, at least in the game, at least temporarily.


I join in this request. There is no desire to play war. Thank you in advance for your understanding :pray:


Please hear and support us. :pray:


With so many reactions throughout the world from companies, NGOs, communities and private persons this is a small but reasonable sign to show support. You have my vote!


I feel like there should be a line somewhere.

What’s this game called again? And would you really be happy if the name of the mode got changed?


Of course this war is so … (sensitve words needed).

But in this case, we have to stop so many games, which are based on competition, with so much more realistic war scenarios, which i always though are a „difficult“ theme. Gems of War (war also here) is a very abstract competition system with no realition to the real world. The „War“ Wording may not be the best at all…

(Sorry, if i choosed the wrong words, not a native speaker…)


Oh, no. We are not asking to rename the game, the mode or whatever. We are not asking to cancel Guild Wars forever.
We are simply asking to reschedule it once. It won’t hurt anyone.
And it’s not because we don’t like the word or something.


It’s about giving people a break.To give people some time, to come to their senses, to calm down somehow. We understand that we can’t ask for drastic decisions, it would not be right for the global GOW community.


War is needed in the game, but not now … Let everything calm down outside the window, let it be possible to turn on the light without fear, let there be no fear of letting others down with your bad result due to the fact that somewhere a bullet suddenly interrupted a wire with electricity … Please understand and transfer … (sorry for my language, the translator is in business)


Oh alright, seems I completely missed your point.

You’re saying you (and people from your region) actually want to play the mode but can’t “relax” (for lack of a better term right now) because of the current situation, and therefore can’t enjoy it. That sounds more resonable.


I dont have problems to support this request and I can understand, but the huge problem is they dont know when the war (real war) will be finish so I think they will ignore this request.


No one knows when it will end unfortunately. But people have the ability to adapt to stress over time. We have tried to ask for time. And we are ready for any answer and for no answer either. Anyway, thank you all for the words of support.


I hope DEVs understanding our position and moving “Guild” WAR for another dates. Thanks for understanding. No War. Нет Войне


Everyone here stands by you. GW should be put on an indefinite hiatus. Now is not the time to be fighting amongst ourselves, even in a video game :dove: :dove: :dove:


If only folks knew who truly controls the world.

Not “who” but “what” …
And the answer to that is very simple MONEY!!!


LOL Nope, false.

It’s obviously the Aliens.

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Oooookaaaaay. LOL

Please enlighten us with your “wisdom”.

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