Please Remove Push Trigger PvP Notifications - Completely

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to actually be notified when their PvP defense has rewards available. For some of us it’s as constant as you would being notified by in game mail.
And unlike every other Notification that I’m aware of. This one is impossible to opt out of for at least some players (myself included).
So if you can’t fix it devs. Please just remove it from the game.

  • No one requested it.
  • No one wants it.

And personally, I would like to do Ranked PvP again without being reminded 5-10 times a day why I shouldn’t. 🤷

(Original bug report after being patient for months about it.)


I routinely (but not consistently) get notifications that PVP rewards are available. It is not so irritating for me, but it is weird that the game seems to ignore the setting you showed a screen cap of.

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