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Please no cosmetic pet event on vault weekend

Seeing things like this (along with some other things they did in the past) makes me think they are trying really hard to make us upset or angry.

And even though I can see players wanting cosmetic pets, the huge majority of players just still needs a lot of pets not just that 1 cosmetic pet.

It just feels like an insult to do a 24 hour pet during a vault weekend.


This is the laugh I stopped by the forums for. Doesn’t take long to find a reminder these days.

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5 day old thread, no responses. They must not work weekdays now either.


Well, I doubt they will do anything about it, so what are they supposed to respond?
“sorry guys we don’t give a s… about what you like or not”?
“we have a plan and stick to it even if it’s bad”

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Just want to say I hope they change their minds. Pet wednesday’s are annoying enough as it is, without the added cosmetic pet right in the middle of gnome weekend.

Gnome weekend’s are by far and away the best time to get pets, and this would put a massive dampener on things.


We are changing this now. Thank you for the feedback!


Awesome!! Thank you.

Yay! :partying_face:

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The pet rescue is showing postponed by a week now, Dec 5th (prev Nov 28th).

Thank you for listening! :heartpulse:


We are good at complaining but I don’t want to miss the chance to leave a thank you
I’m sure a lot of players will silently thank you :slight_smile:


I didnt even complain, but say Thank You anyway. A little compensation for those who do it the other way around :wink:

Clearly you were wrong lol. So why are you still playing again?

Thank you for the response devs, glad this got sorted out.

Thank you!

Thanks for the schedule change. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @Saltypatra

I’m sorry, are you trying to say something? Try removing the flags, that might help a bit.

Oh, you can’t cause your 8 years old and don’t know how to communicate like an adult?

Well that’s a shame.

Oh yh I am.saying it. What does ur name represent?

Google saves lives.

Those darn flags again. Just get those removed for me and I’d love to hear what you have to say. I’m sure it will be a very articulate and well crafted response.

Clear enough?