Please make decks to me

my collection:>0

hi i need your help
i played this game while 3~4 month
tutorials almost over(4000 diamond/ kingdom lv 10/ crafting dawnbringer)
but delve still so hard to me
please suggest deck list by delve, in my collection

Sadly you miss stuff i used myself x many delves at high lvls (yasmine pride x example or Irongut).

But seen you got TPK you can use the Titan with Mang, Apothecary, Keeper of souls and TPK in both Sea of Despair and Primal rift, work nicely on those 2.

Almost never used DE on delve, almost always yas pride on high lvls, maybe someone else got good teams with DE.

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thank you so much!!!

Have you been increasing the level difficulty all your Factions? Even for Endgamers this feature takes a while to be fully completed in each faction, but if you keep a least one faction at the minimum level (20) then you’llbe able to eventually catch up and get enough shards to fully ascend all faction troops.

Some people might not like this approach, but given your situation if you keep pushing the difficulty of each faction there will be a point where you can’t make progress anymore.

I’ve kept Sea of Sorrow at level 20 and got enough shards to ascend all factions and i’m already getting more for the next faction yet to be released. All my Hoards are at level 100 and Quality 10 (quality being very important as it gives you better chest quality which means more shards and ingots.)

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Btw, dunno at which lvl you’re in Hall of Guardian, for high lvl HoG i used Irongut but in the recent event had some fun with Titan hero with mountain crusher, infernus, divinia and diviner and cleared every room np up to lvl 200ish.


As we can see infy really need a nerf, however, you can try use Garuda on his place and move it below divinia (seen garuda dont explode you gotta use divinia more to “move the board”)

Or use Gard but you need put him under diviner so he wont block mana, looping is the key more than damage, even more casting diviner at every chance you got (ofc only if you can get a 4 match casting her :P)

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thanks for youre advice
as possible as i can, increase quality.
but i can’t pick a main faction
so i asked deck list :wink:

At what level are your factions right now?

lmao 963?? what a damage!!!?? wow
HOG was Especially hard to me until your advice.
now i may pick HOG for farm faction

it is
CK 38/2
SOS 51/5
ASE 30/3
FM 47/5
HOG 1/1
PR 20/2
TW 1/1

oh i confused
i mean rift
HOG is still hard like statue

Also divinia was healing around that each cast (didnt saved the hero tho, enemy had 350 att and while trying to get over 1 k he got skulled :P).

And yes, i did also what Razzagor said, before doing any other delve spent weeks (maybe even more than a month hehe) just clearing every room in lvl 20 HoG for ingots, btw take in account that warrens give also the arcanes at the end so while getting ingots you can also get enough light arcane for your whole life :stuck_out_tongue:

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I meant the level of difficulty of the enemies. For example i assume the Warrens remains at level 20 since you didn’t invested on the Hoard.

ah ha!
i already spend 3 ticket…i cann’t see the level
In my memory, mostly lv 30~50

You can check on each faction info:

it is
CK 30
SOS 40
ASE 30
FM 30
HOG 30
PR 20
TW 30

Listening to your advices, i know that i was not ready to high lv
may be i need efficient decks (playtime & required traitstone & troop using many place)
Briefly, fit farming deck

omg it 4 am
i must go sleep
thank you guys i will reply later

Ok, here are some considerations:

On Primal Rift you would have a fairly decent farming spot if you keep it at level 20 and invest on the Hoard up to level 100 and Quality 10.

For a team you can use:
Banner: Meteor Banner (Sin of Maraj)

Hero with Mountain Crusher
Spirit Dancer
Yao Guai

Only Yao Guai requires all traits and the class of your hero have less impact depending of the rooms/enemies you face. Pretty straight forward approach: charge the hero and Hellcat to power up mana for Yao Guai who will convert purple into red for a possible second cast.

Spirit Dancer is a secondary mana converter with summons that may or may not help in some situation where your hero is defeated.

The banner will reduce some mana gain for Hellcat, but you can usually manage it well because Mountain Crusher will work most of the time.

Once you get a copy of Queen Titania and trait her you can use this team:


Which works even for high level delves in Primal Rift, but still keep this faction at level 20 because this is not a race, it’s a marathon. So keep doing your delves daily and get your shards to invest on portals for troops and treasure to upgrade all your hoards to 100/10.

It’ll take a while until you have all troops ascended, but rest assured, it’s doable and some of these Faction troops will unlock more stars on your kingdoms as well as offer new decent troops to use in other battles.


wow. just WOW.
as not a native ENG speaker, sometimes i lost in long term sentence.
but your report? or analysis? was Well-understood and data-ful one.
appreciate your effort. thank you so much.

i agree with your “this is not a race, it’s a marathon.”

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You are welcome, but at some point you’ll have this understanding of the game even if you just look at some builds people share and wonder: “Why use this troop/weapon and not this other one?”

Anyway, you can acquire the Traitstones for Yao Guai this week too, and in order of importance only he and your hero might need all traits unlocked. You could use Azura too instead of Spiritdancer, trading summon for mass Dispel and explosions if you like. Just keep in mind the colors and the roles of each troop and you will get better at it.

My favorite farming spot is Sea of Sorrow using this team:

=Talon banner=

Hero with anything (he is here just to get Champion XP) but i use Orpheus Lute for extra cleanse.

With a Hoard 100/10 i can wipe most enemies at level 20 with a single cast of Euryali, fully traited she is immune to devour, which is important in the room with Kruarg the Dread (Can devour on skulls) the problem is, Euryali deals scatter damage, so sometimes a battle can drag a little long because of submerged from the faction troops (boss room) and due the Submerged effect enemies can get after you defeat a certain room, but it’s hardly a big deal.

The extra cleanse is to remove Webbed, which makes Euryali useless while under this effect because her magic will be zero reducing her damage. But it’s just something slowing you down a little.

This team requires all traits to work faster, and your faction being at a higher level (40) means it’ll be just a little slower. Sea of Sorrow is a good map because you don’t have common rooms with Dust Devils and low chances of getting chest upgrades. Once you get Euryali you can test it a few times, but Primal Rift should work for you right now.

Yao Guai is also a beast in PVP, you can loop Alchemist+Hellcat+Yao Guai+Titania(once you get her) to keep total control over the turns and wipe the enemies.

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