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Please ignore and delete

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Message me here or PM wishkiller and I’ll add you ASAP.

Best of luck WishKiller!

p.s I’ve always thought your guild name was cool :red_circle: :cloud:

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Thank you, Our old leader that disappeared made the name though…I just took up the mantle…lol

“Though i sent in a request to change the name”

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@WishKiller I know you said you already sent in a request. A neat name would be naming it ‘Crimson Wish’. Just a tie into your name and the old name. So a bit of old guild and new future mixed into one. The name you picked will still make it a great guild. <3 And best of luck rebuilding.

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Thank you, that would have been a good name. though we are now known as PARIAH.

RIP Crimson Sky. One of the cooler guild names out there.

Still recruiting!

Bumping, I sent some people your way, how many places are open now?

Not sure I’d name my guild ‘leper’ ‘outcast’ or ‘reject’, good luck with that one!

Still talking to the guy…so far it’s still 20 spots.

We are the outcasts… Just ask any of out ex members…lol

I’ll keep sending people your way, soon that number will turn around.

Thanks man.

Still Recruiting

bumping this again

Still needing Recruits

Bumping again

We need 24 members now,I will gladly recruit individuals or if you’re looking to move your entire guild up to the higher ranks I am looking to merge with any top 100 guilds that need a little help.

Though it’s PARIAH that needs your help.

Still Recruiting