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Please help me in making my guild (PS4)

Hey all I’m looking for 3 or 4 level 15 or higher players to help me make a guild please after you can leave if so desired in the game Neverwinter

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It’s a lot easier to join a guild, than start from the very beginning creating one. Also u can be lucky to find a guild early on that is almost full that does some tasks every week. So my advice for you would be to try find a guild with the requirements you are able to do. But if you truely wants to start out on your own - go for it.

Joined a few but they were dead so my friends and I said we’ll make our own but out timing are off

You can use this forum find a guild for you and your friends tho. Just make sure to have platform in your thread as well as how much you can contribute during a week, maybe some Guild Leaders will come by and offering you a seat in an average guild or better, still a win/win.

A ton of time is required starting all over with a new Guild, and as you said, time is running out, so what I said above would be my advice.


I’ll echo that, your first & most important action should be saying what platform you’re on. That will at least put you in the correct pool :+1:t2:

Sorry sorry I put the platform maybe in the wrong thread

I’ve changed the topic for you :+1:t2: