Please do something about summon spam

Yeah, PvP is the event where it matters the least if I go on a losing streak because it’s the least important event from a rewards perspective. It’s the thing I do to relax. I can skip a team I don’t like and it doesn’t matter.

Yeah, I only believe it’s the few top brackets that care a lot about Guild Wars. Ofc there is a guild here or there i mid or lower level that cares about it too. But these rewards is totally bullshit down there.

Hey just popping in to let you all know this is feedback I’ve already passed onto the team for consideration.

I do get my butt kicked every now and then by Orbweaver teams and they do summon a few troops but usually no more than 3 per battle. Stun is your friend for sure. Cursed also counters Blessed. I know you want the % decreased and this isn’t me trying to give a cop out answer, but you do have some options in the meantime to make it a bit less sucky. Please don’t suffer along with the same old attack team.

If you want post the team you’re using and struggling with here so we can all at least help you with some team builds that can get you by for now :slight_smile:


One of the great strengths of this game is there is so much build diversity, there is no one team fits all.

Use a team that jumbles the players or moves them to different positions, use stuns, AoE skills, lots of different options just have to find one that fits the situation.


The team posted here works 100% of the time against the l&d orbweaver meta team.

Sorry @slypenslyde I know this is exactly the type of post you’re talking about above because it’s a pvp build and not a GW build but oh well. If it helps anyone out in pvp I’ll be happy. Another 100% win is to skip those teams.

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I use a gobtruffle team to get around this issue or use anything that damages all troops an loops itself! It will go! Don’t try to outlive it using life gen/steal team… you’ll end up in an endless loop for hrs with no winner except the ai coz you rage quit the battle.

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I’d personally like to see a color based team for every single day of GW that can counter the repetitive: Grave Seer, Life and Death, AW, King Avelorn, Orbweaver/silver banner team. Don’t forget the obligatory stealthy & inspiration on talent tree. It seems like that is the ONLY team these uncreative fools can create anymore.

I had to go toe-to-toe with this team at least 15 times this GW week. PVP is no problem usually, but GW is a different story. Huge eye roll everytime I see it. It’s like playing the same rigged game over and over. I just know they think they are so smart when they copy/paste these teams.

There are many variations/arrangements of this team but one of the main issues is Life and Death needs to be nerfed. How can you have a self-enchanting weapon that has death mark, bless, with major tru damage/steel life. If it’s going to enchant itself it might as well be an 18 Mana weapon and that steal life value needs to be cut in half.

I’m sure there are several ways to patch these issues but the fact is that they really need to at least be addressed.

Life and Death is no longer the hardest team to beat at least as far as Wars go. You have to use your head. PVP well I could care less. If you still can’t find the retreat button I can’t help you.

Please by all means share your amazing GW color specific (all red,blue,etc) teams that will always defeat the life and death team I outlined. I’d LOVE to record all of your teams vs a Life and death team and see my percentage of win/lose. By all means, “use your head” so we can all see how smart you are.


Blue has Water Elemental for Life and Death as well as EK and Khopeshi.

If you pair WE with TMQ you get 50% start and doomskull and curse options. You could run a Mech hero with say Dawnbringer for banish plus half start and maybe Mercy for death marks and heals.

Or if you sacrifice half start on hero you can go sentinel and get death mark protection at the back.

Stonehammer is also an underrated option for stun. Despite the 24 mana needed, it can work and I used it last week to good effect. It also works against webspinner and Rope Dart teams that crop up, so you can run that ok.

You can make it work faster with Stonehammer, TMQ, Gobtruffle and Dawnbringer Tidecaller (cleanse on 4/5) and that works with blue explosions. If you run some hero classes you can get 3 green or 3 blue with 2 green banner or 2 blue banners and 1 surging 3 gem match of whichever you choose fills Gobtruffle. Only Gob is weak to death mark but if it can’t cast it doesn’t death mark.

Ofc the other thing you could do is run Warpriest- chew through troops with enrage on 4/5 and stick Azura in your team.

So maybe Warpriest doomed blade (grrrrr the watery affix) Azura, Tmq and say Astral Spirit before L&D starts.

There are options.


Life and death has no freeze and therefore dies to any loop team. There are many different loops for each color and finding some of them is tough. If your guild cant find counters to particular teams they either dont talk enough, dont experiment enough or are just not good enough to figure it out. Which is why there are brackets to begin with. I spend about 2 hours on average per day on guild wars to keep my ave high in bracket 1.

Haha if I believed this every time I saw it, then the guilds in the brackets above me would have to have 50 people per guild to fit all the 100% win rates with uncles who work at 505.

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Which part don’t you believe and what is your logic behind it?

We’re going to be at an impasse.

I have laid on the table that on certain GW days I don’t think there’s a solid counter to summon spam. So far the only responses have been either I should use teams that aren’t available on those days or “I have a secret sauce team that wins all the time and you’re a dumbface, bow to my ego”. Neither one of those are convincing.

I’m still brewing, perhaps I’ve missed something. But I know if I find an L&D killer on blue day it’s not going to come from you. So your claim that you’ve found the secret is meaningless because you won’t/can’t back it up due to the whole “secret sauce” thing.

But in the end, if an argument has no support it’s not a valid argument. I can say I’ve got an alt in B1 who hasn’t lost a match in 8 months and that Slypenslyde is an elaborate front to have some fun. You can’t prove me wrong if I claim I choose to never reveal any proof. (Because you don’t have to prove me wrong in the absence of proof.)

Oh ah, in an edit I guess I took out another part. You’re going to explain in one way or another you can’t show me your teams due to competitive reasons blah blah blah. Yeah, I’ve seen that all before, that’s why I know we won’t reach an agreement. I don’t have to believe L&D has a full suite of GW counters if I haven’t seen those teams. In fact, if I don’t have the teams, the only realistic thing I can conclude is “there isn’t a set of full L&D counters”.

What just happened? Lmao

I dont have an alt. I am earnham on both xbox and switch. My name has never been changed. If you dont know me, calling me a liar is a bit on the ignorant side.
I am in bracket 1 on xbox and switch (not saying much as it’s still new). On xbox I average about 56k and go 30/0 about 4 out of 5 weeks. This past week I was 30/0 with a score of about 57200. I look at every team I play against and build a counter accordingly.
As for proving this to you is up to you. I can provide screenshots or you can just ask someone in bracket 1 on xbox what the name of the paragon was that they fought in the unforgiven guild(if they fought us).
A couple color days are harder than others vs specific defenses. I can tell you I wont go into a battle until I have found a team that can win at least 9 out of 10 times.

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Why on earth do you expect a guild to give a specific team to the competition. It’s a lot of work to find counters to the Meta. People post in generalalities because after all the hard work they put in it’s not worth it to share it with everyone. It actually defeats the purpose of guild wars. The guilds that stay in bracket 1 guild wars just simply out work the guilds that don’t. If you want to win then you have to work for it. If they Nerfed the Meta then basically it will come down to who has the most stats making it even more unbalanced. With over 700 troops and who knows how many weapons we have counters to everything. You just have to put in the work or have a guild mate or 2 help with that. The successful guilds do this.

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Translation: I don’t have an answer. I’ll rest my case.

Ignorance is bliss. I am just super lucky and the higher brackets are just the luckiest guilds. It has nothing to do with skill or hard work. I am on gems welfare and all my wins are given to me and I trade off all the excess so I can get cigarettes and crack.

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I’m sorry Mr. Prodigy but there is a search and filter function built into the game and an online database that lists every detail of the current 724 cards. It’s not as if it’s a dictionary that takes years to unravel and explore. Your guild is good because you have spent countless time and money on the game and you’re likely the exact type of person I’m referencing in this topic. I guarantee you use and abuse L&D and Orbweaver class and you have vested interest in continuing to do so under the guise that “there’s a top secret answer to the team that only I know”. It’s very obvious you think very highly of yourself because of a gem-matching game. Sorry, the weapon is unbalanced and summoning percentages creates a cheap atmosphere that ruins the game. There’s nothing you can say or do that is going to change that.