Please Devs answer me so i shut lol

Btw @Saltypatra if you guys don’t like when we ask you questions , well think about it when you want to release addictive game, next time just release something really boring and we won’t bother you :stuck_out_tongue:


We don’t mind questions, we just can’t always answer them. :stuck_out_tongue:


But this is one you will… Sorta… So yay. :slight_smile:

Yeah we’re just eager. Hopefully before it restarts. Yeah. Eager.


How are we supposed to compete if we don’t know what we are expected to do?


Don’t confuse can’t with won’t. Very disappointed that after the last attempt at secret rules backfired so badly that the decision has been made to do it again…


As I said earlier we are currently discussing what we will or won’t disclose. It’s probably worth waiting on us to make a further post.


Everyone please. Let them explain what they can cause I think it’ll be better with some insight. I’d rather not lose what was offered.


yeah i will take whatever they want to share it still better then what we know right now

So glad I got Alt accounts now. Trial and error on them first b4 attempting on my main accounts. :stuck_out_tongue:


so you going to test on pc or ps4?

Both buddy. :grin:

but what is your main account? i remember you said you share pc with your son?

I have 2 main accounts for both platforms. Also have alt accounts on both.
The kids pc accounts I took control of last year and turned them into spare alt accounts.

My ps4 main account has everything. Pc I’m just missing Gards avatar and jotnar

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Man you are a junky lol


It’s “we shall” not “we will” -.-

We shall continue to obfuscate and avoid with ninja like evasion skills any meaningful answer.

They will continue to obfuscate…

Really? That’s the grammar point I’m going to get pulled up on? I’m actually a bit impressed.

Maybe wait until we make further announcements before accusing me of being the ninja that I am.


Here would be 1 example of trying to understand some of the new changes.

@Sirrian mentioned that good players win faster. So this implies the faster you win, the more you score. However, I’ve had people ask the following:

1 - does speed mean how fast the match takes in turns. Example: I get some lucky 4 matches and am able to wipe out my opponent before they get a move. Would that count as 1 turn and thereby the fastest you can do it in.

2 - does each 4+ match or creature ability count as a separate move so even using the above scenario, if I ended up looping Hellcat and Alchemist 50 times and winning, even though the opponent never had a turn, because I did so much, It’s considered slow.

2a - do 4+ matches count as an extra turn that would add to the turn count? Creature abilities such as Goblin or Queen Mab? Do they count aa well

3 - is speed considered simply how many seconds it took to win the match?

Clarifications along those lines to explain what matters for each without necessarily counting specific percent bonuses would be immensely helpful along with anything else above and beyond you wish to share.



It’s all good! Just guild wars not brain surgery! We will live! :slight_smile:

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If we are not given the rules to play by - we’ll just create our own :smiling_imp:


If we are addressing grammar… ninja-like should be hyphenated, as a compound adjective… and your sentence would be clearer with commas around the non-essential clause :smiley: