Changes in Guild wars?

Guild wars is back, many changes have been discussed, but did anything Change? Cant find any post regarding it, and if nothing changes, why the 2 week offline?

Here’s the announcement: Lots of Previews - Guild Wars, Crafting, Dungeons, and more!

We still need to know how the scoring works…

This is the answer we got yet

I think the defense bonus application is likely the most impacting factor I’d like to know up front. Its implications would directly effect all the other variables.

That won’t come til the client update if I’m not mistaken.

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Yup it will come in a small update after 3.1

The preview post as written says they are changing scoring now, with changes to player count (27 instead of 30) and defense coming later. So we’re nine hours from the first fights going live and don’t even know what the rules are.

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Nope. @Saltypatra mentioned they were discussing what to share with us as far as what did change and how it will affect things but nothing had been said past that yet.

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We still know the colour bonus is unchanged, and have hints about other bonuses that will be in place alongside the “win with 4 troops standing” bonus. Why can’t people just be content trying to win and have fun, rather than having to know how to achieve the “perfect” score (which hopefully doesn’t exist anymore)? Scout your opponent, choose the best team to beat it, fight, repeat.


@Stan Bro it’s like playing a chess game whitout knowing the rules this is just stupid to keep it secret

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No, it’s not at all like playing chess. You’re being scored on your performance, with what is hopefully a fairly comprehensive formula. Play well and you’ll be rewarded. Play well consistently and you’ll come out on top. If it’s anything like the old system, the most important things will be to:

  1. Win;
  2. Use 4 of the daily colors;

And then a distant 3rd will be a mixture of these other things (whatever they are).

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Again you are presuming nothing confirmed yet

Yes, I am presuming, but my presumption is based on what Sirrian said in his post plus the devs habit of changing as little as possible when things are working fairly well. I don’t think this is going to be as dramatic a change as some people are expecting. We’ll all know at least a little more by tomorrow.

100% Agreed.

@Rickygervais picked a poor analogy, its more like ‘Figure Skating’ with Judges that will score you on your performance, but you don’t know what each move is worth.

I’ve been considering the reason they haven’t outlined the formula publicly, is so it can be ninja edited at-will if the need arises.

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300 for every fight are a big changes im pretty sure the fights are going to be closer so this is why i want to know how to do a little more points cause it could make a difference between position 1-2-3

If things were working fairly well then why did they take it off line for two weeks? Your premise is flawed.

Only in games like Mao or Calvinball where not knowing the rules is part of the rules is it ever a good idea to go in blind.

I was thinking of judged sports when I wrote that, but I didn’t dare invoke a sports analogy after some of the discussions I’ve seen around here. I don’t disagree with this argument, to a point, but we know that the 4 “orthogonal” measures they are looking at are speed, mana efficiency, damage efficiency and troop efficiency. The only real question in my mind is speed - as in, is a looping team that wins on the 2nd turn fast or slow if it takes 25 casts to finish off the opponent over those 2 turns?

I think your point about ninja-editing the formula is probably true, meaning that people that are trying to reverse engineer the formula are likely to be frustrated in their attempts.

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I’ve been wondering if there’s still a cap… 1260 was the cap on the 300 point day. Is that still the case?

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Look, I’ve never been a fan of GW and I’ve said as much many times in the forums. I did my daily battles out of a sense of obligation, sometimes enjoying them and oftentimes not. When Sirrian was saying that the KPI’s of the game were doing better than pre-guild wars, he’s talking primarily about getting more players to play more often and for longer, and I could see it having that effect on me and on others. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the game more in the last two weeks than I did in the weeks before that, but I played less. I can see the same effect on my guilds total seals count, which dropped from somewhere between 30 and 35 k for the last two weeks of GW to around 20 to 25 k in the last two weeks.

You seem to be assuming that everyone wants to strictly maximize/optimize their GW score. I don’t. I’m more than content to maximize my win/loss record while generally trying to do well in other respects. Whatever changes they make to GW, I hope it doesn’t result in me feeling like my hands are more tied than they were before. I think encouraging a sense of freedom in how to approach these battles is what they were going for with all this, and I’m going to embrace it.