Please complete the Gnoll family

We have 5 “usual” Gnolls now (Gnoll, Bullygnoll, Savage Hunter, Banejaw and Wild Fang), Queen Moonclaw and The Lord of Slaughter. First 5 gnolls work against particular color: 3x damage to troops that use a color:

  • Banejaw - vs Purple
  • Bullygnoll - vs Red
  • Gnoll - vs Brown
  • Savage Hunter - vs Green
  • Wild Fang - vs Yellow

There is no Gnoll dealing 3x damage to Blue enemies. And Queen Moonclaw summons only 3 Gnolls from the whole “family” (Gnoll, Savage Hunter and Banejaw) (I reported it here: [Text issue] Queen Moonclaw summons not all gnolls ). Please add the 6th Gnoll and fix Queen Moonclaw’s spell. Maybe even add TLoS into it.