Please Change How The Guild Wars Sentinels Award Bonuses

Yes it’s an aswesome thing that everyone who upgrades their Sentinels will get a boost in stats and potentialy help their guildmates out. However the main problem with this is mainly its the higher players who are finishing the Sentinels. The lower guild members will hardly do much more than 1 or 2 levels. This is completly understandable if the newer playes are low level.

Because of this they a penalized on a bonus structure that is setup to favor much higher level players and guilds. To be honest as a midlevel player getting ready to hit 500 the bonuses aren’t that important for me, however to apply the bonus to myself and players above me on the ranking system really does add insult to injury.

My bonus is getting applied to 2 other players period while the gist of my guild get’s nothing for what cost me very little in the first place. But for a new player less than level 200 having to spend 25,000 to break through to the next level is causing most of my guild members not to pursue it.

Simply put, these guys are still trying to balance gold output for kingdoms, chests, guild statues, and now guild wars. That creates a strain on someone who’s gold intake is around 1000 per PvP match and isn’t currently winning every match they play. I no longer have this problem. All but 2 of my kingdoms are 10 and that will soon be rectified. I no longer buy gold chests and the amount of gold I earn at PvP is usually around 5700 so it only takes 5 battles to do each Sentinel.

I’m simply requesting to switch it up to allow us higher up players to help bonus our lower members. If my little guys could get a substansial bonus they would be more inclined to play Guild Wars. Because even now a lot of them are loosing most of their battles and the main complaint they say is they are going up against players who’s cards are twice their size and they give it their all but still can’t muster a win out of it.

So plesae make it so I can help them vs them helping me.

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I partly understand your point.

But on the other hand - it’s the way how GW works. Since battles last only as long - the “power” players get doesn’t come from beating an opponent but rather beating as many opponents as they can. And by sticking with the game for a long time.

By saying that, I have to mention that mid-tier players gain the most gold. More and easier than the highest level ones. If your guild members have difficulties grinding up the gold (which I find the easiest, I believe they haven’t even thought of 600 glory price) - then it’s probably because they don’t play as much as other players from the higher rank (such as yourself) or higher guilds.

For that purpose, different “brackets” are there to distinguish guilds that farm really hard and for a long period of time. And thus - that’s what the sentinels are for. To let them fight for 1st place by sinking their resources that they have been accumulating.
If lower ranks were allowed to be as powerful as a Paragon, or being close to it - it’s counter-productive. Paragons of other guilds might feel hurt in return. Because their hard work is being shifted towards players who haven’t tried as hard. And there’s no logic behind making lower tier players as strong (or stronger) than paragon himself.

i suggested this before:

  • keep the current sentinel bonus structure for gw defending (bonus stats goes to higher ranks)
  • reverse sentinel bonus structure for gw attacking (bonus stats go to lower ranks)

like this the weak players get to attack with better bonus stats while the paragon can defend with a maximum stat bonus :wink:

in addition as a ‘bonus’ you get more paragon changes from week to week :slight_smile:


I like this idea so very much. Maybe once the devs finish dealing with the fallout from the one-troop-team change, @Saltypatra can bring it up at the next staff meeting? Or set up a poll to see what the player base thinks?

I’m the Paragon again for this week. I didn’t need to buy the stat upgrades but I did anyways cuase I can afford it. The bad news is my upgrades benefit nobody and that just seems wrong to me.

  • The price of the sentinels : could be relative to the level of the player. A low level player shouldn’t be required to pay 500 freaking souls to get +1 magic, or 100 glory for +1 attack, they NEED those resources badly !

  • Or at least relative to bracket in which the guild is, especially for gems rewards as low brackets do get like less than 50 gems reward

But the main problem here is how the reward amount is given by the bracket and not whether you won a lot of not.
(if you win a lot you may gain 2 or 3 brackets, but most of the time it won’t change your reward, since you do not end up in the 200 first guilds)

Hmmh… All solid points, I must admit.

And I believe I like @Annaerith 's idea a lot. That could solve some issues. Probably some number tweaking on dev’s side and it could be done. It sounds much more user friendly.

When it comes to the lower guilds … I’m not sure how that works. Naturally, it feels bad to make “new” players pay so relatively much, but on the other hand… They do not need to pay so much. If they are new, and they are not really grinding the ladder, those stats are not as relevant for them. I agree that the system is not friendly for new players… But it’s fair to reward those who have played the game for a year.
… I am not a veteran myself, but I do my grinding. And I still have a hard time deciding whether to max out my sentinels. As I said - I find it somewhat fair.

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