Player-centric guilds - taking out the trash

There is a very bad tradition in all multiplayer games that feature a guild mechanic. The tradition is that all the power is on the guild, the players invest in it and in return they gain some benefits.
The end result though was always that the only person benefiting the most was the guild leader.
No matter how much one would invest, once he left or got kicked by a trash guild “leader”, all his time and effort would instantly vanish, while the guild leader would still enjoy them.

My request/suggestion is to brake that mold. Have certain stats follow the player and not get “trapped” in a guild.
For example gold contribution and guild guardian levels. Instead of linking guardian levels to tasks completed, make them token based. Then for each set amount of gold donated, the player would get a token which the guild leader would borrow to raise a guardian level. If said player left the guild, he would take all his tokens with him and the guild guardians of the guild he was in, would get lowered by the amount of tokens the guild leader had used.
Same with trophies.

I believe such a change would “unlock” all the very high players that have invested who know how much gold in a guild and wouldn’t want to leave because of that. Now active players would be more sought after and also those “rich” players would be able to forms guilds without having to start from zero.
Additionally trash guild “leaders” would not continue to benefit from other people’s work but instead would have to “work” for their guild’s “power”.

Edited to clarify a couple of things.
Just to make it clear. This is not an attack to guild leaders. Didn’t mean that guild leader=trash.
I meant guild leaders like the one in the example below only.
As for the guild leader benefits. I didn’t mean the gain extra/more or anything other than the regular members.
The difference is in the fact that guild leaders still “enjoy” the guild’s progress even though it was not entirely or even mostly their doing but a group job and even after guild leader may be the last person in the guild.
Good leaders would continue having strong guilds with happy guild members.
This wouldn’t affect them one bit.

Below is not something that has to do with my request but a personal experience with a trash guild “leader” which proves my point and nudged me enough to finally make the thread.

I logged in like always a few days ago and I saw this in guild chat.

At that time I didn’t realize what I was reading so I didn’t pay much heed to it.
Then yesterday I saw a new message and the following “conversation” occurred.

So just because a trash guild “leader” who btw is more mediocre in guild contribution than even I am (joined much later at the guild of course) woke up in the wrong side of the bed

  • a player was kicked midweek
  • the whole guild lost his GW points (now it’s Sunday and I saw the guild ending GW with 25 players…)
  • a good and active player apologized for something that he shouldn’t (he was also either kicked or essentially made him to leave cause today he is no longer in the guild losing all his rightful weekly prizes) update on that: she kicked me too even though I had completed the minimums from day 1 just so I wouldn’t get the weekly prizes.
  • no one can spell my username :stuck_out_tongue:

To clarify a couple of things

  • the guild is currently at 40-45 rank in Guild Wars and 27-32 in trophies
  • the guild leader’s sole participation to the chat was just to “warn” (midweek) all the players that hadn’t yet reach the weekly goals and to yell and threaten to kick those that didn’t donate to her guardian color order.
    If the player however was one that had donated plenty of gold, then all she would do was to ask if he’s “alright”.

So that “trash” guild leader warned people and after they still didn’t do what they were warned about, that leader kicked them? Omg thats like the most toxic behaviour ever!
And the part where only guild leader benefits - i wanted to rant at this stupud topic, but it indeed made me laugh so i won’t.
Tip for you - make a guild and get all the benefit :rofl:


Yes @DonBoba, the unbelievable benefits of being a GOW guild leader :joy:


The issue is in this case they didn’t have the chance. It wasn’t a Monday kick. It was a midweek. To players that had either partially or fully completed the guild tasks. And the kicks had nothing to do with guild minimums (hence why I showed them in the picture).

Just to make it clear. This is not an attack to guild leaders. Didn’t mean that guild leader=trash.
I meant guild leaders like the one in the example only.
As for the guild leader benefits. I didn’t mean the gain extra/more or anything other than the regular members.
The difference is in the fact that guild leaders still “enjoy” the guild’s progress even though it was not entirely or even mostly their doing but a group job and even after guild leader may be the last person in the guild.
Hope this clear things a bit.

If you knew how much effort guild leaders put into their guilds (at least the top 50 ones, but bellow that rank mostly too) you would b ashamed of the post you just made.


I don’t doubt any good leader does. And my recommendation has nothing to do with them.
Ashamed? How and why? Good leaders will continue having strong guilds with happy guild members.
This won’t affect them one bit.


I don’t understand in what the guild leader enjoys more the guild’s progress than the other players.
What each one does benefits to everyone.
Plus the guild leader has many tasks (recruiting, communicating with the guild…) that are invisible when you check their stats but that takes a lot of time.


I understand your dissatisfaction with fickle leadership, but you need to think through the ramifications of your suggestion, particularly the fact that players leave guilds for many reasons despite having a good guild leader, like quitting the game or moving to a more/less hardcore guild, and your suggestion would penalise not only guild leaders but everyone remaining in that guild.

Your problem has a much simpler solution, with much reduced negative consequences for everyone else playing GoW. You should change guilds.


Thank you for actually thinking about the suggestion. What you wrote is indeed something I hadn’t thought but could be fixed easily with a “Inherit tokens in guild” button, where the player releases his tokens permanently.
Changing guilds is not an actual solution for someone that is not guild hopping but feels invested in the guild.
Of course in my case tomorrow I’m out of there though :stuck_out_tongue:

I did consider your suggestion, but i did not like it for reasons Actreal already mentioned. However if player had some description of total trophies and gold he/she donated thorough their gaming period, that would be nice.

I feel like good guild leaders are a must. I don’t feel like someone has to run a strong pimp hand so to speak but the guild as a whole needs to function together and want common goals. I can say that this thread totally opened my eyes to a lot of info being a new GOW player there is a lot of info to absorb and I can say my leader wasn’t the one who shared with me it’s been those few highly active players who are lending the hand up.

Why did you not obscure the name of the guild leader in your screenshots? This looks like a callout to me, which is not allowed by forum policy.


This is ridiculous, players have the power of choice. If you don’t like the reqs set before you change guilds. As far as feeling invested, that is a pressure self imposed.

I try to think pragmatically and work around people’s schedules and real life issues that pop up from time to time an ensure we still hit our goals for the benefit of the other 29 players. The guild essentially is just a means and not the actual target of a persons investment in resources and time. The focus always has been the players you enjoy the game with in collaboration of reaching goals. A guild leader is an administrative role…few want and fewer understand.


Mee??? I haven’t mentioned any names or done screen shots lol

No, the OP.

Sorry lol I’m just learning all these threads!

You’re fine, no problem. Welcome to the forums!

Many good points have been made already but i have a few more…

  1. Already been said but i am emphasizing it more… being GL is a very difficult and time consuming task. It can also be very stressful at times. I was in a guild on the rise and they are now a top 10 or 15 guild (unrepentant) i left that guild over a disagreement on how to run it and about a third of the guild came with me to start a new guild. This has been a very stressful experience for me because i felt obligation to the players who left a guild that was finishing LTs every week to start anew on my promise that we would donthings differently.

But i will say this, stressful as it is (still) it is very rewarding and i dont mean keys and gems… To see how we as a team can achieve so much from scratch is awesome! We are ranked 195 now and in bracket 7 in GW and only in 9 months…

  1. Any gold, trophies, and time put into a guild that you think players should take with them when they go do not belong to the players who donated them or the GL. That all belongs to the GUILD. Gold and trophies are given to the guild in exchange for keys, glory, and gems. Those things the player DOES take when they leave… So unless you intend to give back the spoils recieved for the gold and trophies donated it doesnt seem fair to take those as well.

  2. There are many different kinds of guilds out there for those who dont want to start their own. Take mine for example… Our ONLY requirement is GW participation and that is released when needed because we have a philosophy that RL comes first. We ask that players level all kingdoms to 10 before donating gold to tasks and our only rule is “be excellent to each other”

This is not for everyone. Some would want a guild with strict requirements and that is fine as well.

I guess what my point is is this, keep looking brudda you will find a good guild that suits you and dont let a few bad experiences sour you on all guild leaders

P.S. i would really recommend obscuring the GLs name in your pics as it is a violation of forum guidelines


@Skimerina welcome to the forums! Look around and you will find any info you need😎

There is team building help, guild recruitment threads, cheat sheets for the many troop nicknames, and fun and entertaining things such as @efh313’s jukebox or the rage comic thread by @ZooKeeper i believe

Also dont be discouraged by the negativity you will inevitably find here because even when some are being negative (myself included) most of us are still pretty cool… Except @Lyya shes just mean… JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING PLEASE LYYA DONT BEAT ME UP😎


Watch out i saw someone who want to fight you already :stuck_out_tongue:

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