Petition to change Forest Guardian's 3rd Trait

For everyone who’s been active in Guild War these past few weeks, this petition should be obvious.
Gems of War is turning into Kirby’s World due to the infestation of Kerebros/Forest Guardian combos, and it’s getting very VERY aggravating when we need to face upward of 2-3 of these teams a day in GW.

I think this combo would not be so bad if Forest Guardian’s 3rd trait doesn’t play such a big role in giving those kirby 1st round Full Mana. Can we please change it to something else non-mana related??

Please give a hollar here if anyone else agree with me. Let’s say NO to these puppies teams!


Maybe change to give all Beast Barrier at start of battle.
Or even barrier entire party and it wouldn’t be as bad as the kirby combo…

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Or as mentioned elsewhere, make Kerberos not a beast. That way you’re not affecting other beast builds and get straight to your issue. Kerberos charging extra fast. This also removed the free barrier. After all, FG works by otherwise nuking kerby’s colors. Why help it at all.


The issue is on Kerberos’ side, not Forest Guardian, and it’s not a mana related problem.

50% devour is way too strong, a devour spell shouldn’t ever cross the 20% chances unless it’s a one shot spell like it is for The Great Maw.

If you want that to solve that with mana, make Kerberos a 20 mana spell. It would be in line with Great Maw since it’s not a one shot spell (imo)


No, 20% would kill Kerberos.
It used to be 20% or something ridiculously low like that, and no one even wanted to touch the thing.

The problem is definitely on the FG side. I’m fine with 50%. I’m NOT fine that it can fire its spell on 1st or 2nd round frequently.

OR, if you want to fix Kerberos, then maybe change Devour’s mechanic itself, so that a single unit can only devour at most 1 troop per battle (also like Great Maw). Then I would also be kinda OK with a Kirby/FG combo.

I respectfully disagree on the general issue. Whenever i meet a Forest Guardian Entourage team with FG not fully traited, i realize how ridiculously easy to beat the team is. Its whole strength comes from the imminent ‘one match can get Kerb or Spider ready to fire’ threat.
However i do agree that Kerberos rng devour is problematic as is any rng devour, though as i mentioned before in another threat Kerbs regular manacost is not too low imho, statistically speaking.
Honestly i am unsure how to solve that one without either killing off Kerb in anything other than FG teams(which the 20 manacost nerf would), or fundamentally changing the devour approach.


Also, with so many grievance about spell cost too low (Kerb in this instance), a nice buff to disease (make is permanent like poison) would be nice.

Forest Guardian… it’s really hard to decide.
It’s the synergy with Kerb that hurt. Not sure how to fix the combo without breaking the card.

I’d prefer à Devour nerf, but then I’ve been pretty vocal about my opinion of Devour :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally, I don’t think insta-kill mechanics can be balanced by a random chance. In normal PVP it wasn’t a big deal since if/when it triggered you could just shrug and move on. In GW where every win, every troop even, counts a lot the stakes are Much higher.

Consider Dust Devil, empowered, shuffles, deals 5 damage to each. No biggie. Imagine Mega-Dust-Devil, empowered, shuffles, 5% chance to deal 100 damage to each but 5% chance to just die. Same average damage output as the first (in 20 fights each will do 100 damage total) with an added drawback of potentially blowing itself out. In normal pvp it be annoying, but it is rare enough it goes off that you just shrug. GW would see them every match, and out of 30 matches per week it’s likely to go off once or twice.

That is why I like Great Maw. You fill it up, you get a devour, and that’s it. No coin flips, just strategy. If a mechanic is strong enough that it requires random chance to balance it, it is too strong to begin with.


Exactly! And that’s why I’m starting to like the idea of just limiting Devour Mechanic so that each unit can only devour 1 troop at most. Logically, if a Great Maw is “full” after one devour, how come all the other % devour troop can get infinite appetite?


Because after eating, the dog creates a baby dog :blush:

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But seriously, I would prefer that Devour % be changed from (% devour chance of devouring 100% of to troop) to (100% chance of devouring % of troop


Ok, great Maw eats a full troop all the time.
Kerb would “eat” 50% of your stats all the time.
Kraken would “eat” 40% of your stats all the time.
Sand Shark would “eat” 25% of your stats…


Maybe that is actually too strong :joy:

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yeah! give forest guardian devour on 4 or 5 gem matches. that gotta stop kerberos overuses.

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Awesome, so you can have 4 forest guardians, and one 4+ match will be instant win! WOO hoo!


I hope the Devs never change FGs 3rd trait. I hope they are using their energies on make troops better. I would like to see more Impervious troops tho. :wink:


Agree with @Eika about Devour Protection.
There are so many good Troop that are just on the verge of being PVP worthy and just need that small push…
Impervious actually makes me play my Barbearus and I love him


I do cry if my double Wulfgarok Impervious team with FG got ruined. The team is all about FGs 3rd trait. Too slow if not. So again, yeah, if any changes is happening to FGs 3rd trait it affect the Humans use of this troop greatly.

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[quote=“Zelarith, post:4, topic:25189, full:true”]
The issue is on Kerberos’ side, not Forest Guardian, and it’s not a mana related problem.[/quote]

Exactly. There are other ways to get filled early like with Mechanist or Titan, the issue is they don’t have supporting troops the defense can use effectively or that have insta-kill mechanics. Can’t remember who suggested it (maybe @Jainus), but if Kerby was only a Daemon and not a beast, you wouldn’t even notice FG.

Alternatively, rather than nerfing FG, if they made some troops the defense could use effectively, and/or some defensively stronger mech or giant troops, FG would blend into the scenery as some other defensive teams would start to be seen.


Only reason I would want to keep Kerberos a beast… Scarlett usually one shots him. Her with a pair of Sirens tend to make quick battles. And Spirit Fox if I need to slow things a little more.

As far as I can see this is not an issue for all of us, but a minority of us.
We all know what a minority is on these boards, it is the force of a majority. :wink:
(Yes again I defend the good troops, as I always tend to do, sole alone.)
@Sidousai what Impervious teams did you try against FG/Kerberos teams,
before you made this thread? We can’t have the same experience at all.

If you enter a match against FG/Kerberos without you are using 2-3 Impervious troops, but a team that takes time to fill up, lets say your favourite team, then you also must accept/be prepared for a lose, or a Kerebos devour or two.:wink:

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The way I read the OP is not that as having a problem beating these teams, but the frustration of seeing them 50% of the time. And I totally agree with that sentiment, that there should be more variety, I just disagree that FG is the cause.

You’re not alone, there are plenty who have vocally agreed with you as well (even I’ve agreed with you when you’re right :stuck_out_tongue: ).