Pet parents - show us your pets!


my guild mates and I (yeah Crit Happens!) - were discussing pets. I thought i had seen a thread about your pets… well i couldnt find it (maybe it was on the old forums) - so here it is…

Helios - shortened to LIO (leo) is a collie - Pyrenees mix (hes 8 months old and wont hold still for a picture)
We often call him Courage… to the point that he comes to that name better than Lio.
Ra is a husky malamute mix.

I wanna see your pets! i Love all the pets!

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This one is my baby. Definitely my favorite (don’t tell the others :wink: ) I have a soft spot for her.

These are my other two labs, both of whom I love very much (but not AS much :wink: )

And this is a silly picture of all three of them

As a bonus, this is why the first one is my favorite (she loves me the most and is my lap lab - even though she is huuuge - and she goes everywhere with me, even on my midnight runs to get a snack) :


My pattern analysis insists that your next dog is named Apollo. :slight_smile:[quote=“Mekkalyn, post:2, topic:10179”]
This one is my baby. Definitely my favorite (don’t tell the others :wink: )

I’m telling! :smiling_imp:

Sadly, I don’t have any pets. Only the ones that exist in my mind.


My Labrador died this time last year. Been missing her


Hey Guys, told Dal I would add our beloved late dalmations and our new pom puppy Kayla and the cats to the mix :slight_smile:
So this is Wart and Ayla
And this is just the female Ayla with her beautiful black eye :slight_smile:

Ayla with our Kitty Shadow

And now our new babies :slight_smile: Kayla the Pom and Mouse and Gizmo the cats

Thanks for sharing everyone :slight_smile: Del & Dal :slight_smile:


Not mine but i wish it was.


Daisy, Springer Spaniel, loves the beach…


Hope that is a tiny woman otherwise that’s no dog, its a dinosaur shaped like a dog


That is a 5ft9in woman, and the dog is a russian bear-dog. Breed by the russians to hunt bears. To me it is the strongest animal in the world one can own.


Here is my home monster. She’s not a russian bear-dog but she’s half plush toy, half kraken of destruction. My wallpapers can attest to it.


The dog? Or the lady in the backround?? :blush:


My baby dragon.


Oh you said my pet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The dog was bred to hunt and fight bears by the russians. They are known to be aggressive as early as the first month they are born. I want the dog, i have a relationship with a person.


This is Rachel:

And this is Rory, doing what corgis do best:


being cute? =

i also have 4 cats and 2 bunnies besides my 2 pups.


Being upside down.:sunglasses:


Fripouille the pug


Pyper on her favourite blanket.


A better pic of my baby dragon, Falcor.