Percentage boosted by gems? +1%?


Rather noob’s question, but I cannot quite understand how this “percentage boosting” works. For example, Winged Bison’s “Migrate” says: “Transform all Purple Gems to Red. 40% chance to summon a Winged Bison, boosted by Gems transformed” (and a ratio given: “x2”). Am I right that each purple gem transformed adds 2% to the basic 40%? So if 14 purple gems were transformed, I’ll get +28% for them, and 68% chance to summon Winged Bison?


I still don’t understand how after 3 years these values cannot be changed dynamically according to the board/troops…


They are given in “Troops” section, apart from actual battles.


I’m not speaking about that. When you look at Tesla’s spell during battle it’s written:
“Deal 8 true damage randomly split among enemies, boosted by all ally and enemy Armor. [4:1]”
What I want:
“Deal X true damage randomly split among enemies.” with X = basic damage + Tesla’s magic + (ally and enemy Armor)/4
So we don’t have to do the maths by ourselves.

Same for Winged Bison so that when you ready to launch the spell it’s directly “Transform all Purple Gems to Red. 68% chance to summon a Winged Bison”


Okay, please bring this suggestion in a separate topic.


No one answered whether I was correct. And a new unit comes the next week - Gorbil - which has similar spell, I mean, based on percents boosted by something. Is it 10% + 1% * (boost ratio)?


Gorbil is 10% + 1% per 3 gems transformed yes.