(PC/Mobile) All levels welcome! Recruiting for Guardians of Terra, hardcore or casual welcome. Come join our active, friendly and generous bunch!

Guardians of Terra is looking for a few new recruits. We have a very active group at the moment, but have a couple players who have left the game. We are a friendly bunch, with a mix of new to middle players and veterans. We don’t require too much but PLEASE make sure you can meets the reqs before you join, so we can be fair to all the guild members.

If you have any questions, please let me know! Thanks!


  • 30k+ seals reached every week (40k seals on weeks that matter ie new Mythics)
  • All regular tasks completed weekly (some epics as well on certain weeks)
  • Daily gold and seal bonus, God level (1 milli trophies and counting)
  • Guild talk and strategies in the LINE AP (not required but encouraged :smiley: )
  • All Guild Statues maxed out at LV 200, which includes +200 to every mastery as well as…
    • 6% tribute chance bonus and 10% tribute amount bonus
    • 6 extra map turns bonus and 2 glory bonus
    • 50% XP bonus and 50% soul bonus

WHAT WE REQUIRE (per week):

  • 800 seals
  • 50K gold donated
  • Participation in guild events (GW, Raids, etc.). “Participation” is defined as using all free seals given to you during the week. If you want to buy more, that is cool as well (and much appreciated!), but using all free seals is a must.

Note that most of us donate significantly more each week when it comes to seals, gold and trophies (I have already hit the 2000 max and donated over 800k this week alone), but this low gold amount gives people who are still leveling up kingdoms a reprieve

Please also note that we are a generous and forgiving bunch. Obviously, if you have a busy week and cannot meet all the req’s we understand. If you let us know beforehand, it won’t affect your rank. If you have emergencies, we get it. If you just don’t complete it for whatever reason, you will only drop one rank but can easily make that up the next week

If you are interested, please leave your invite code, or PM me on here. We look forward to raking in rewards with you!

If you have any other questions or concerns about our little group, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Here is a minimum of the task rewards we get every week:

  • 360 glory
  • 1900+ souls
  • 9 maps
  • 250+ gems
  • 670 gold keys
  • 100+ glory keys
  • 63 gem keys
  • 17+ event keys

Moving on up!

We are almost full, but still have a couple spots open for anyone wanting to join an active and friendly guild!

Hi, sounds like a perfect guild for me, would love to join up, if you still have space. My invite is Coeliyan :slight_smile:

Invite sent!

Thanks! :grinning:

Of course! Okay guys, we have added quite a few members over the past week, which now leaves us with just a couple of spots left.

We have added some fantastic members (with a couple more on the way) and are almost full now. If you want one of the last spots available at this time, let me know!

I will be checking this board for the next hour…we have 2 spots available at this moment. If you want to join us for the next Guild Wars (we will be in the top 200) let me know ASAP!!

Only 2 spots left! Come join us!

My invite is SHOGH

Please invite me.

Invite code: yannnancy

Sorry guys, I got incredibly busy IRL the last couple of days and forgot to check here. We are still at 28/30, so if you can meet our reqs please let me know!! We are looking to fill our last 2 spots before the next guild wars, so please leave your invite code if you want to partake!!

(adibidupa and enremission, I tried to invite you both but it says you already found new guilds. Enjoy!!)


Axel 89


Invite me in guild please.
Invite code: XXVENEDXX_1

Hey guys,
Axel, I tried to invite you a couple hours after you sent this 3 days ago, but it said you were already in another guild. xxvenedxx same goes for you as well.

We were full, but recently had to kick 2 members for inactivity. If you are interested in our guild, let me know! We won all days of our guild wars last week, so we really have a great team going. Just need a couple more members to finish it off! I am not getting notification e-mails, so my responses should be much quicker. Thanks!!

Hey. I’m pretty new(level 81) and looking for an active guild. Obviously it will take time to get to your guys’ level, but I can easily contribute the amount you are looking for. I already have 1500 seals as of now and the week just started. Hopefully you have a spot for me and I will work hard to contribute as much as I can :slight_smile: