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(PC/Mobile) All levels welcome! Recruiting for Guardians of Terra, hardcore or casual welcome. Come join our active, friendly and generous bunch!

What is your invite code?

We are one bracket away from being in the top 100 in GW!! Come join us and help us reach our goal! Two spots left!


I’m up for recruitment. Currently lv 8x, can comply all the requirements (basically playing for 2w+, 1500 seal everyweek, 50-10k gold donated, can use LINE. no GW so far but i can do as required, 100-200 trophies per week. Please contact on LINE or in game, both use tuannaff. Thanks

Hey Tuannaff,

I sent you an invite but it says you are already in another guild. We do require GW at this moment, since all of our guildies enjoy it. If you ever want to join down the road, let me know!

I’d like to join👍🏼
Invite code - sageofewa
I’m level 275 and ready to join a good active guild. I’m in another but will drop it if there’s space available. I also have line

We do still have a spot available! Just let me know when you want the invite, and I’ll send it over.

Lvl 195. 1500 seals per week for sure. ~200 trophies and 80k+ gold and all five GW battles daile. INV - QUADROCAT. Will be glad to play in active guild.

yes, i was in guild before i sleep. please resend now. Thanks

I can’t fight guild wars until next week. I’ll leave the guild I’m in on Thursday or Friday and let you know.
I’m ready to be in a good guild :smile:

Sounds good just keep me updated!!

Hey Tua, I tried to resend before my movie, about 2.5 hours ago, but it said you were still in another guild. We keep playing tag haha. I am going to bed now, but we’ll check this in the morning!

I sent you an invite a couple of hours ago, hope to have you join us soon (if you are still interested)! If not, hopefully we’ll see each other on the battle field :wink: !!

weird. i haven’t receive any, tried restarting app but still same.

Anyway, i notice my in game name is “tuannaff” but the invitation code show “tuannaff 1”
not sure which one you need when invite though.

You can add me in LINE: tuannaff so we can talk or share info faster. Looking to be there :smile:

Tell me if you get it this time, I tried “tuannaff_1” Hopefully that is you!!

yay, i’m in. Could get back to PvP now :raised_hands:

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Hey quadrocat,

Sorry to lose you! Hope you find a guild that works well for you :).

Hey everyone!! Guardians of Terra had a full roster yesterday (or so I thought), but something seemed a little off. After further investigation, I realized we had a glitch that showed out guild as 30/30, even though in actuality we were only at 26/30. Now that said glitch has been fixed, I am happy to say we have a few more spots available!!

Please comment here or send me a PM if you would like to join our merry bunch, or if you have any other questions. Thanks!!

Hi Elarcadia,
I left my previous guild and want to join yours. My invite code is sageofewa.
Hope I’m not too late.

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Invite sent!!!

Hey guys, we have 2 spots available before the next GW!! If you want to get in before it starts, let me know in the next couple of hours!