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PC/Mobile 2.2 Update Tomorrow (Wed 11pm GMT)

Hey everyone,

Looks like we’re all set to go for the 2.2 update tomorrow

  • Thu 10am Melbourne, Sydney Australia (AEDT)
  • Wed 11pm GMT
  • Wed 3pm West Coast USA (PST)
  • Wed 6pm East Coast USA (EST)

Looks like we can do this update without any server downtime at all, so as soon as you get the new version, you’ll be in 2.2 immediately!

Sorry we never had time to do a proper preview for 2.2… we’ve been SO rushed off our feet before the holidays.
We’ll have some patch notes out for you to enjoy before the update though!


Sweet! Looking forward to it!

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yay! :heart_eyes:

Let’s go ahead and get a thread started asking about the next update.

Who wants the honor?

This is the only xmas present I will get this year, since we are focusing on spending all the money on the kids instead. :wink:

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Hi @Sirrian
great news :slight_smile:
There is no preview, but a topic with the changes you make will be appreciated

Do you mean in 17 hours and 16 minutes?
That you give little time to release the patch notes before the patch ;-).

I’ve honestly no idea what to expect for this next patch. There was talk of guild wars to follow the previous patch, but we’ve had no update on how that’s been going as of late, so anything’s on the table!

Regardless, I’m looking forward to what’s to come! Maybe some more QoL features, hmmmmm~? :wink:

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I think you miss this topic :slight_smile: :


Excellent news. Though you’ve picked a day when I’m travelling / driving all day, and won’t be able to play GoW until later. Most inconsiderate. Please can you release it yesterday?

EDIT: actually, now that I properly read the news: it’s not until tonight, so I can get it when it lands. Yay.


Me too, I have free time before the update, but then I’ll be busy all night and I have an early morning. Arg!

Does this mean I finally get my pony?! :cold_sweat:

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