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Panda Express

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/panda-express/

You’ll never catch this panda.

New Troop: Pandaska Guard

Closely related to their Urska cousins in the far north, the Pandaska are only found in the highest reaches of the southern mountains where the air is cold and dry, and their favorite food, Bamboori Plants grow in abundance. Here they have a long-standing alliance with the Sky Elves of Shentang, and are often found serving as guards and warriors.

The Pandaska Guard will be available for Glory this week, and then will be available in 3-4 weeks’ time in Gold, Glory, and Guild chests.

New Raid Troop: Xiong Mao

Xiong Mao is a General of the Pandaska Guard. With recent rumors of a Daemonic presence stirring nearby (other than Yao Guai, that is), he has been searching for signs of its arrival. Xiong Mao’s immense girth belies the fact that he is an agile and capable warrior. When the Daemons DO arrive though, he will be standing in the frontline, ready to defend Shentang.

Xiong Mao will be available in the Raid Boss Shop this week, then will be available in other chests (Glory, Guild, Gem, VIP, and future Shentang Event chests) after the usual period of 3-4 weeks.

New Weapon: Hook Sword

The Hook Swords of Shentang are the favored weapon of many of the Sky Elves. They are particularly useful for fighting aerial foes, as they stop them getting away.

The Hook Sword is available in both the Raid Boss Shop and the Soulforge this week, and then will not be available for some time until it reappears periodically in the Soulforge.

Please note this Event is on the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game.

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Have to say I’m excited about the raids.


Same here! Just wish we knew a little more about them…


Can y’all at least give us a little peek at how this Raid Shop is going to work? Glory or Gems? How many resources to ascend a Raid Troop?

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From another thread.


I’m curious about how the Raid Shop works and the prices.

As a side note: I won’t pretend that this is a big issue or anything, but there is not a single female Urska so far… Or any female Wargare that aren’t foxes now that i checked it… (Although Amira seems like a coyote to me.)
It’s sort of weird. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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maybe they are like a some frogs and got both sex so they can adapt to anything :slight_smile:

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This is “Pandastic” news!?

“Panda Express” was an obvious choice, but I would’ve also accepted “Shentang Beef.”

And, yes, I realize that “Shantung” is the more widely accepted orthography. Just being silly. :upside_down_face:


Can we get an image and more importantly the Ability of the ‘Hook Sword’ with this and future Event notifications going forward (assuming you have more Hero weapons planed)?




Jokes aside, when i don’t have anything important to think about i keep pondering about lesser issues… :sweat_smile:

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Well the Hook’s Sword’s stats are in taran’s world… It’s just not the cleanest way to present it though.
14 brown/purple
Hook Sword
Deal damage to an enemy boosted by your Shentang allies. Then create a mix of 4 Red and Yellow Gems for each of your Shentang allies.


Hook Sword 14 (brown/yellow)


Deal damage to an enemy boosted by your Shentang allies. Then create a mix of 4 Red and Yellow Gems for each of your Shentang allies.


Lol sniped by @Rinny


so which kingdom is event chests , and which new troops are in event chests?

what ever happened to clarity cuz implicitly neither are?

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Yay, Pandas incoming! :smiley:

Xiong Mao’s spell is quite bounded to Raids. if each kingdom gonna have a Raid each it will be 90 weeks until Xiong Mao will become useful again in the Raids. Will troops that has a spell bounded towards the Raids get their spell changed a little so they become more useful for the other game modes, when the Raids is over?


As I pointed out in the other thread, dungeon bosses have been given the Boss troop type with 3.3. So Raid troops are useful for dungeons at least.


Cool stuff. There is apparently a secret ingredient…

Anyone else have server connection issues?