Paint by Numbers

This is one of those troops that’s going to be some newbie’s powerhouse for like 2 weeks until they get one of the hundreds of better troops. Gacha filler.

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Tuliao should have fast trait IMO.

I know she can get fast used with the Legendary Elf, but I want her to be idenpendent on it.


What do you mean? Not all female troops needs to look like bone and boobs.

Cool that people are finding a niche for her. Has anybody tried her against meta defenses in pvp?

She could work in the 4th slot; in situations where you want to leave the opponent a bad board, she could fill your troops mana, so they can be ready to do work on the next turn. In such a role, she would be safer than gambling on an exploder (and also would not be reliant on storms).

It’s a shame her boost ratio isn’t better, as others have noted.

It would absolutely make her more useful in the fourth-slot role I mentioned above. She isn’t good enough to put Avelorn on your team just to give her a fast start (though if she were dual-typed as an elemental…nah lol).

I think it just looks weird from an art perspective - her boot/legging thing is at a weird angle.

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How much free mana does a troop have to give to be considered good?

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I’m not saying she’s bad.

4:1 means you’re getting 1-3 more mana from the boost ratio in most cases (not sure how the rounding works, but since she ends a turn, you won’t want to give up a turn with 14+ gems of a single color to the opponent). That’s not very exciting.

So, I’ve been playtesting a team for funsies that looks like:

Essence of Evil - hero class doesn’t really matter, been using Archmagus to level it
Arachnaean Weaver
Moon Rabbit
Warren Banner

Moon Rabbit fills Tuliao really easily.

As long as there is 1 green mana on the table, I can give my entire team mana. If not, I can cast on yellow.

When I cast on green, on average, I can give myself 6-8 mana to all 4 troops. They’re also enchanted.

8 mana + enchant. My turn comes back and suddenly all 4 of my troops have gained 10 mana, including Tuliao which lets her give mana again in 1-2 turns without having to grab mana for her.

Not to mention, her spell doesn’t require magic, so web doesn’t do anything to her.

Let’s just say I’m glad the AI wouldn’t know how to use this thing.


Onto more pressing things!
I think Tuliao’s art is really cool, I didn’t notice her left leg til you all pointed it out but we worked out what’s going on!

One of our artists did a quick, very rough sketch to show what is going on out frame haha



either those are some very long legs or her knee joint is kinda sketchy for an elf :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s just the left leg is about 8 inches longer than the right leg :wink:

I am stunned…I wear the same outfit when I paint.

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She never skips leg day. :man_shrugging:
Mystery solved.


Gotdangit, ryan, i snarfed my coffee xD


Idle’s team seems to suggest that Tuliao is pretty effective in facilitating teams that previously had problems with mana blocking (e.g., Moon Rabbit would normally be completely blocked on that team, and not very useful after its initial cast). Mono-color weapons like Mountain Crusher and Essence of Evil can now be placed outside the front slot, since she can get them filled with relative ease.

I’m also thinking she could be good for Irongut teams, since you can now place him in the second slot without worrying about him mana-blocking curse options (like Glutmaw, for example).

Is Tuliao being able to target skulls intended?
_If so, is nothing happening intended?
__If so, why?


All good points, but I would still love to see a troop that gets mana from skulls.

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There sort of is, just place a Shade of Zorn in first position. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wrath kind of does this.

In case anyone was wondering why I didn’t know that:

I wish I didn’t know it, as the knowledge someone thought shade of Zorn is acceptable, saddens me in ways words fail to articulate.