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New Epic Troop: Grimmoira Grimmoira will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Lore of Nature There are 5 battles that players can encounter during the event: Dragonian Rogue, Broker of…


I like the art on this one.


Yes, absolutely spectacular art. Kudos.


Good art, simple scoring, and scaling. :+1::+1::+1:


I must give kudos to including a note when tarot card troops are available in the vault.

I guess you could say these type of updates were long overdue.


Here are the images to help you this week:

Event Summary:

Reward Amounts:

Battles & Scoring:


It’s 8 points, sorry, small typo on the graphic which is now corrected and updated


Tier Buy in per member to close all rewards is Tier 2 (~70 battles)


Now if they could finally make the Vault drop rates public …


Tier 2 average two weeks in a row. Wonder if they’re going to make this a trend to slowly increase the Gem sink.

(Disclaimer: I buy T4 every week and consider T2 to be super affordable, it’s only 100 Gems. I’m more curious about a potential trend than anything else.)

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Thank you for letting us know. That’s very useful.


Before world events were a thing, wasnt the average 3-4 tiers? If so the gem sink is less.

Or maybe I am just thinking 3-4 because thats what the weapon purchase needed. Dont recall if thats the average too. :rofl:

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I honestly don’t remember, but I’m comparing like to like. A lot of World Events have historically been doable with 0 tiers.

Looking back, I think the last time an event was predicted to be doable with no tiers was the week of April 26th. After that, we had a couple tier 1-2 (depending on luck with Ravens/bonus points/whatever) weeks, and after that, a couple tier 2 weeks.

As I noted, this isn’t my being a Gem miser as I buy tier 4 anyhow. I’m lazy and like having the extra Medal to speed things along. I’m just curious whether we’re seeing a trend is all.

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In my (not entirely reliable) memory, the “tier 0 required” events were frustrating skull damage boosted events that nobody wanted to play. I’m fine with that never happening again.

Tier 2 would be a good one to stick to. It takes some gems out of circulation and it allows a guild where not everyone plays to still complete or come near to completing the event by having a few members buy extra tiers.

I was going to also say I love the art (high quality!), but then I saw the cleavage. I just don’t get how artists feel comfortable doing that to a character in a cold weather outfit. So unpractical, she’s going to be cold :see_no_evil:

First trait. :wink:


@Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra

Yawn. This is boring. Why not have the battles refresh like last week every week?

You claim to listen to feedback yet this style of boring scoring persists even though multiple times brought to your attention.


I choose to believe that Infinity Plus Two are giant fans of The Count of Monte Cristo, and develop according to the ethos of Edmond Dantes:

Without the frustrating weeks, we can not fully appreciate the events where everything aligns perfectly.


That is probably true, but when you start hoping for frustrating content so you can have hopes again for better times it gets awkward, or in the case of GoW just hoping for a not-frustrating thing to come/happen.

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Overdues books ; we could do with over due game notice of actual reasonable player concerns with directions the game is taking.

Since Gems of War has done nothing but go down hill since 4.7 when Epic Tasks were introduced.
It’s reasonable to think drastically reducing the cost of Epic Tasks would improve the game and encourage those who left to rejoin. Or those still playing to start paying again.

Fixing the abomination that is Lycanthropy gets you zero credit Devs. You don’t get credit for showing up to the potluck with burnt food. Waiting until others tell you it’s burnt. Then… slowly… And sometimes… belligerently…recook the food to put you back at square one.

We bring money and/or time to the potluck. The least you can do is pull your own weight.