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Our best memories when it comes to Games and Soundtrack!

Let me start it off with one of my all time favourite games, ‘Simon the Sorcerer’. I had this game on Amiga CD32 back in 93’, I was only 7 years old, and the english was almost impossible for me to understand.
It’s soundtrack still gives me chills…


Another great memory I have, is from my favourite FF-game, Final Fantasy 9.
I remember I preordered this game in 99’, and played it for over a year.

However there was so many great locations in this game, but Burmecia was one
of my favourite locations, and it’s soundtrack was like hands in the gloves…


Axelay and Gradius 3 come to mind when I think of games with memorable soundtracks that I played as a kid. I had most of their soundtracks on my ipod growing up. Never did beat Axelay, though.

Ocarina of Time is good, too. Spirit temple soundtrack, anyone?

I get those chills from wrath of the black manta, burai fighter, a boy and his blob and battle of olympus, best nes games.

Auron’s theme from FFX. Best lone gunfighter music ever.

These games had amazing badass soundtracks, how I miss them…

I remember having to buy a SoundBlaster Sound card to listen to this.
AND downloading it over CompuServe, ha!

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Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer was one of the first games I’ve beaten as a kid. I will never forget its soundtrack and the countless hours I’ve wasted on this game :smiley:

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Spyro 1 and Gex the Gecko or what it was named, how I loved those games and soundtracks…

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I think you mean Gex: Deep Cover Gecko. I still have the game, but I don’t count it to my favorites. But it has indeed a good soundtrack.

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Gwyn from Dark Souls 1, Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls 1, Penance from FFX and the entire Tekken 2 soundtrack.

For me, it would be the soundtrack from the old Wipeout.

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Also the ‘Jurassic Park: The lost world’ for PS1 had not surprisingly great soundtrack and was all over a pretty solid game. :slight_smile:

The Silent Hill Soundtrack always manages to bring me back to that scary but beautiful melancholic place.

The Musicbox from Fable 2.

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The music in Skyrim is pretty spectacular.

Too many for me to remember accurately or name all of… but Chrono Trigger’s soundtrack will always have a special place in my heart.


The music of Super Metroid sometimes gets stuck in my head, even if I haven’t played it in a while.

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The good old Amiga Tunes :slight_smile:






Could add many more but this would explode this thread :grin:

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I also had an Amiga when I was young
So, my best ones are Agony intro:

And Hero Quest: