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Orb of Power drop from Greater Orb of Chaos

I know this is probably bull crap, and it doesn’t actually matter either way, but can an OoP actually drop from a Greater Orb of Chaos? We’ve got a guy in mobile/steam chat saying that’s where he got one, and I don’t remember anybody EVER having said they got an OoP from a Greater Orb of Chaos.

No. Imagine the uproar if this happened. People already have kittens over people getting Ascension orbs vs their growth orbs.


My first and straightforward answer would be no. But then i just found this documentation page: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000127575-Types-of-Orbs-and-how-to-use-them.

On the Major power orb it clearly says “one of the above”. So it should be theoretically possible. Never saw it happening though. Now i really wonder too!

Trolling on the internet.

Step 1: Find something you and everybody else knows is true.
Step 2: Claim the opposite.
Step 3: Don’t back down.
Step 4: Never back down.

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No. It clearly says “Gives one of the above Greater Orbs at random.” This is how people get misinformed, because they only read half of it. It’s not a “Greater Orb of Power” is it? Didn’t think so.


Damn. Great. Now we need a calculator, spreadsheet ànd magnifying glasses to be able to play the game properly.

Yeah, the guy was linking the chart as well, and it just doesn’t seem like it’s a thing, especially since nobody has EVER heard of it happening as far as I know.

And to a different point, wasn’t an OoP available in a flash offer not too long ago?

Not sure if it was recently but they tend to appear in offers from time to time indeed. Start saving money though because they cost you :smiley:

Lol, not quite gonna cost me, but could cost some.

During Shark Week it was. Generally, every time they do 7 or 14 days of offers, the final day of paid offers is an orb of power one.

The guy claimed he used it on Borealis, and I figure that even if it was possible and he did get it, he prolly would have gone straight to chat to ask what to do with it and if Borealis was worth it.

I hope he at least used 3 Medals of Nysha on it too to get the super duper mega upgrade. Wouldn’t want to meet his defense team!

ponders what a Greater Orb of Power would actually grant a player :thinking:


Well, he is level 104. So I think you’d manage, lol. I do have to make a correction, he claims to have used it on Cernunnos, an even worse choice than I originally thought. It is mythic, traited, and level 20, but that could naturally that could happen any number of ways.

I suggest it ascends and levels a pet to level 20.

Edit: oooorrrrr, to stay with troops: orb of power effect + 3 medal upgrades.

That would be pretty sick.

It could do that.

But, as expensive as a Greater Orb of Power would be to purchase or obtain (are we talking about 3 Orbs of Power --> 1 Greater Orb of Power?), I think it would be rather safe to assert that spending the ~3000 gems to buy out a new pet from 1 to 20 during a pet rescue would be much a cheaper route to maxing out a new pet from level 1.

So he got a free orb of power and used it on an irrelevant troop? I’m buying this story.

I used 3 nysha medals to max out Firebomb…

Honestly, i think we should be simply able to use Ascension orbs on pets. The growth ones probably not, it would be maybe too cheap. But what about one major growth for 2 pet levels for example (so basically 10 minors per level).

They would never do this - would de-incentivize buying gems to max out pets quickly. Esp. the cosmetic pets.