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OPEN SPOILER (Question About Assassin Class)

So I have unlocked the Assassin class and I have all the arcane stones to fully trait it, I would like to however avoid wasting my precious stones until I know/understand/have clarified it’s 3rd trait

What does Assassinate do and if it’s an instant kill, how does it differ from Bullseye/Hunger?

Sorry for the spoiler for those who haven’t unlocked it yet but I was very clean in the Post Title

@Sirrian, @Nimhain, please lend some assistance, thanks

It’s Bullseye, but at a worse %chance and on the last enemy. I guess targeting last enemy can be useful on occasion, but a bit underwhelming given Bullseye. The class weapon seems pretty fun though.

“matching skulls” means to me that it will trigger even if the Hero is not in the first position compared to Bullseye. Maybe I’m wrong but it’s strange that Assassinate’s text is so different than Bullseye’s one. Else, it should be more similar to Bullseye, like: “10% chance for Skull damage to assassinate the last ennemy”.

The reason it doesn’t say “skull damage” is because it is targeting a troop other than the one it is damaging.

I like the trait over Bullseye honestly. Consider the opponent’s troops each have 60 combined life/armor and your hero has 25 attack. With bullseye your first skull match has a chance to do an extra 35 damage. Your second match has a chance to do an extra 10. And if it triggers on 3rd match you gain nothing. But assassinate would add 60 damage regardless as the last enemy isn’t weakened.

I’m thinking:

Hero, Assassin, Mang (15 Brown/Red, remove target’s armor, gain attack equal to armor removed, do Magic + 1 damage)
Giant Spider

Trigger Mang asap to get a big boost to attack, cycle with the others letting skull’s line up melting opponents, occasional Assassinate to clear from the back. I’ve used this with Archer class (losing the +5 magic b/c off color, but gaining Fast and 15% kill). Only problem is it dies to freeze.


is this for real? i just traited my class and couldn’t get it to trigger when not in first position… so i looked here if it was bugged, or if i just had bad luck.

how? why? i actually traited shadow dragon too just now, just to see if the wording from the imps/links (“on/from $gemtype matches”) and the “other” one (“when matching $gemtype”) made the difference.

aaaaand: uhhh, yeah. shadow dragon is probably bugged.

oh well, wasted some resources.

If you contact support and explain what you were doing (traiting a troop to test an uncertain wording), they will probably refund your Shadow Dragon and/or your Assassin class. They’ve been really good about that in the past.


Has anyone found out how the 3rd trait works yet? From practice, not from guessing or from the wording…

yeah thanks for the info, but i am not gonna refund it. trying new stuff is the only time i spend stones anyways, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m just a little… irritated by the decision to word it that way.

as I said, I did quite a bit of testing and couldn’t get it to trigger when not in first position. It works fine when in first position.

Well that’s… disappointing. Thank you.

The reason the text doesn’t mention Skull damage is so you can still trigger Assassinate with 0 Attack.

But Maw can trigger Hunger having 0 attack or being entangled despite using the description of “on skull damage”. In fact, they all have slightly different wording (Silent One - when doing skull damage, Psion - when dealing skull damage, Maw - on skull damage, Archer - chance for skull damage to be lethal, Assassin - when matching skulls). It is probably something that could be better clarified or be made consistent. I do know that if you match skulls and do not deal any damage it will cause Psion’s Siphon to fail, but actual damage dealt has no affect on Maw’s Hunger at all. I’m not sure on the other ones because I don’t have them traited yet. It would be nice to know ahead of time.


If Great Maw is triggering Hunger with 0 Attack you need to record it and report it, because that’s a bug.


has definitely been mentioned a couple of times on the forums.


Is this Console or PC/Mobile?

Based on the animation, not console.

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