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Open Letter to Devs - Please focus on making the game fun instead of just things to do

In the PS4 community with just had most of the #6 GWs guild, #16 overall call it quits over the last update citing not enough time and general burnout with the state of things.

It seems that the updates and new tasks over the last couple of years are just about grind. So what happens is that you end up using the same team to grind hundreds of games that are not a challenge where your focus is to get it over as quickly as possible. This pretty much sums up the new artifact event, the terrible new world events, the pet weekend grind, bounty events, etc.

Even guild wars which for me besides my guild is the only reason I still play have basically boxed us in a corner where we are forced to pretty much using looping skull bash teams in order to score well. I’m guessing that around 5% or so of the cards are relevant in GWs now.

What used to make the game interesting and going back to guild wars probably now 2 years ago was that most of the deck was useful and you could find an obscure card and find a use for it and you could would find a much wider array of defenses you would have to plan against. That’s not the case anymore.

I’m not saying how to fix your game but some suggestions I think that would make it more interesting and enjoyable again would to perhaps have GWs focus on certain kingdoms or even better group of kingdoms, perhaps defensive days the same way or perhaps assigning point values to cards by rarity or usefulness. Anything that would help the game from focusing around the same cards and forcing players to be more creative.

I imagine there would be something that could be done with team values that could affect this and also give lower level players or decks an advantage similar to a handicap in sports.

I’m sure you are aware the game is dying and instead of breathing new life into the game the last few updates have just made it more of a treadmill and I don’t think that is what players want.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter.


here’s my idea, how to make things:

  1. less grindy
  2. more creative with team composition
  3. not so hard to implement, as some of known mechanics could be reused :wink:

feel free to read and comment:

My guild lost it’s GM last week. The guild was going strong for over a year with a full roster of daily players all over lvl 1,200 who have been playing this game for a LONG time. His last discord message was very emphatic about the exact issue you raise here OP. I’m worried they have hit the wall with how creative you can be in a match-3 game (without changing the mechanics completely). I hope the publisher loosens the reigns on the developers a bit so we can get some more fun things in this game…guild wars ain’t even fun no more :frowning:

Altough i understand your points, we should also mention the Dragoonz are the only top guild struggling so much on PS4. No other guild there has more than 2 free places.
So this sounds more than a internal domino effect, than a real problem caused by the last updates.