One for the PC/mobile guys

For those of you who’ve been very (very) vocal about the AI cascades on console ‘being in our heads’ have a look - 1:57 to dismantle my fully traited team.

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The problem with all of these videos is that we don’t know if this is an isolated incident or a pattern. One data point is not a representative sample. For all we know, you played for 1000 hours to get this one fight…

I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying that these posts are pointless.



That’s terrifying.

None of that seems unusual to me at all. If I’d have seen that on PC/Mobile I would not have felt it far out of place. The string of cascades was due to creation and conversion spells and not some streaks of 4-match skydrops. Also, foresight could have prevented at least two AI 4-matches (and therefore, two of your troops being Frozen).

The only place where things substantially differed from PC/Mobile was that the AI skipped a couple of skull matches and a 5-match in favor of casting its spells. This is a known deviation in the AI’s behavior, and I suspect it is at the heart of Console players believing the RNG to be rigged.


I had the exact same thing yesterday. I timed two solid minutes that I didn’t get to play but in the end my team wiped out.


I play on mobile, and that’s pretty well normal. I don’t see what some others seem to I guess.
I honestly thought this was a joke/ troll post for the event week lol.

Honestly i didn’t find the cascades in that video to be all that exceptionell.
That seems more a showcase of how strong the console AI is with gem-spawners and the player making risky/questionable matches against a team that should be approached more carefully.


The way you’ve set up a 5 match for AI at start of this video and not notice youll set it up? Like lyya said this was almost the same as watching PC AI.


It’s been the entire of GW battles today to be fair. It happens a lot, but usually at least 1 in 5 of GW battles (normally the paragon match just to be really annoying). For the first time ever I’ve gone 1/4 and this particular one was just a real kicker.
You guys can defend it to the hilt, no disrespect but I hope it’s not ‘fixed’ before it comes to you just so you can see.

I hope so too just because the current ai behavior is so predictable.

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I agree. I play on console and that one seemed totally within the bounds of reasonable to me. The player got a little unlucky in that their Gorgotha didn’t quite fill up their Moloch, which could have stopped the loop from starting, and there were a couple instances where one gem spawning in a particular place made all the difference (the 4 yellows getting set-up on a drop, and the 5-match being created when Kraken cast). Plus, the green 5-match that was set-up early on for the AI was predictable and avoidable (not saying that I wouldn’t have done the same thing, just that it was a foreseeable result of making that match).

In any case, the devs have said in the most recent Nim’s Lair thread that they are rebalancing some things on console for the next major update.


This was the paragon match to so I literally had no chance at all, which is complete garbage.

I think there needs to be a troop that has a combo breaker, trait or skill that if it keeps cascading like this it will stop it.

Apparently the update has already been submitted to Microsoft and Sony as well.

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This is what the Frozen status effect is for, no?

Edit: the update with RNG modifications is the next update. What they have waiting on approval is a smaller, QoL-focused set of changes.


The rebalancing won’t occur in the update that has been submitted, but the one after. This one sounds like it will be just small stuff, and probably the famine nerf.

If people say it’s normal then fair enough, to me the AI plays valk/justice/mab/whatever way too well, I’ve never had justice cast against me without at least a 4-match, yet I’ve had plenty where I set up the opposition for 5’s all the time. I agree that we tend to notice things going against us more than when they go for us, but there’s times when you can just go & put the kettle on after your first go as yiu know you won’t get another (I’ve only just worked out how to link & upload so I may have more)

To echo others, when this happens in pvp I just laugh.
In GW though when it feels as though you’ve let your guild down it’s a totally different feeling.


I just want to say that as much as I don’t agree that this particular video looks problematic, I have been consistently arguing that there are some subtle differences between console and PC play that result in this Justice team being out of control on console. I literally never battle this XXX/Valk/Justice/Mab team with anything other than the purpose-built team I made to destroy it. Anytime I take another team into that fight, I feel like it’s a coin toss, at best.


I’ve said there should be troops like that for a long time, so I agree. Both ones that can break long combinations, but also ones that dish out damage, etc, every time an extra turn is triggered.


I can beat this team. Easily. But when I do there’s no colour bonuses (depending on the day) so I’ll always try with the colour teams as the bonus is so much more significant. But being in bracket 1 I face this team (or more usually one with at least 1 famine) every single match.
I personally think defence teams need to have rules applied for bonuses as well, that may stop the same rigmarole every single day.