Old Faction - Umbral Nexus


Is that placeholder text? You couldn’t have better lore than “Welcome to Portal 2”?

Here: “Stop strange new enemies from invading through this Dark Portal”


Hoard 160
Had a lucky break the first try with a Shadow - Hunter team (took him out first) and King Highforge team (took him out first. In the final match take out enemy Umbral first as it is a spawner.

I lost my paladin & umbral in the final battle but 3 remaining (one summoned) void wisps saw me through.

I did a faction run at 400 for the delve pet boost.


Is there a certain pattern to the ravens appearing in delves? I’m getting very tired searching all the rooms, because I don’t want to miss them… Could it be every third delve, or is that just too simple.

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If I remember correctly, 1 raven on the first floor and after that 1 raven every 45-50 rooms you play. The more rooms you play on each floor, the more ravens you’ll get in total. If you skip rooms, you will get fewer ravens (and will need more tiers to finish to 500).


Not the answer I was hoping for :joy:

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help! :sweat_smile:

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It does make total sense, it just couldn’t have been so easy as to know on what delves are they hiding…

I seem to see a Valraven in every 6th or 7th level. I always go the fastest route…

…it still take a lot of time.

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You can take this with a pinch of salt, but it works for me.

I do every level to 250 - all rooms, with whatever soul team that can work, unless you can’t use Phar-Ra, I then just do true damage maybe from L 100. Thereafter I make some slight changes to that team and carry on with all to 300. I should get all VR available to 300 as do every room.

From around L300, I mark where I last got a Valraven, and then rush at least the next two levels following a Raven, usually 3 and on the fourth run after getting my last Raven I do full clears. I don’t always do this, sometimes I still do all rooms to the next VR after, so maybe 370 etc. I think last delve I rushed from 410 after a VR.

I almost always get a Raven in one of the rooms on the 4th level post last Raven. If I have more time, which happened yesterday - I do full clears every 3 where possible.

I didn’t write this down, but here is roughly what happened, I may have been a level off when starting the rushing.

Valraven L320, thereafter minimal rush, 330, 340 and 350, full clear 360, no VR. Full clear 370 - Valraven. Rush 380 and 390, do 2 extra rooms (I know I didn’t mean to, just autopilot). Full clear 400, no VR. VR 410, rush minimum rooms 420,430, 440 - full clear → 450, VR 460, rush 470, 480, then 490 full clear no VR, full clear 500 no VR. Faction attempt 500 - Valraven in 3rd room. I don’t think I therefore missed one the entire event. I had bought 5 x T7 so had sigils left before doing PF etc.

I always do this and never seem to fall short.

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In the future and this time i’ll play all the rooms until lvl 300, it gives a decent amount of gold fairly fast and then I’ll just start running with the scissors (no idea if it’s the right phrase, or what it means, but I love it). It gets way too slow after that and you find me crying here for the perfect pure team build every Sunday, because I’m out of time :joy:

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The one room I refuse to fight under any circumstance above Level 60 (or thereabouts) is Cedric’s Hideaway. (City of Thieves is the one delve where I made an exception for the Faction 500 run.)

The frequency of that particular room spawning this weekend is obnoxious. Maybe I’m just unlucky, but I’m seeing way too many Hideaways. And it’s not like I can hit the rooms “behind” it by taking an alternate route. So my score is suffering this weekend and I’m starting to think that I might not make it to clearing all the prize gates even though I’ve purchased the same stuff from the Event Shop that I usually have.

Beyond that, I’m thinking this isn’t going to be an easy clear with a Pure Faction team without potions and the like. The comparison I expressed in my Guild Chat is that it’s going to be similar to the Silver Necropolis. But a fair amount harder – while the Legendary re-summoner won’t pummel you with damage and the “tank” won’t buff its’ attack along with its’ staying power, there also isn’t a way to do any reasonable and reliable amount of mana denial on the opposition. You probably don’t have to worry about getting skyfall skulled to death, but you’ll probably be in trouble as soon as your own summoner gets knocked out in the boss room.

Anyone else find it weird that the Umbral Banner doesn’t go with it’s troops? Fell Roost or Dark Court’s banner go better. If they had made Lightborn Paladin Y/G instead, they could have avoided this problem.

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It was a good feeling to get done with this…

This one will be really hard guys without potions - if even possible…

So do yourself a favour and max it now if you have resources for it…

Ufffff! Now you’re adding the pressure! :grimacing:

@Eika What was your hoard level and team build?

Hoard Level were 100, but I probably bought 8-9 tier 7. I also had the kingdom to PL 15 for 50 % faction stats bonus or whatever it is + faction pet to Legendary.

It took me 5 frustrating tries to finally make it, worth to mention that I managed it with 3 troops in the last battle.

I went with 4 wisps and a double purple + brown banner.

Good luck!

Do you get the pet bonuses even without using your hero?

Yeah, those pets were meant for faction team. But if you go 4 wisps u get zero bonus. Bonus is based upon how many unique troops you have in the team.

Goddammit how I hate to learn this stuff so late… It’s on the heroes shoulder, so I have always thought… Ungh… I know, I know… What would be the point for a faction pet otherwise…

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