Old and Wise

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New Ultra-Rare Dragonian Sage The Dragonian Sage will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Weapon: Mystery Egg This week it will be available in both the Event shop, and in the…


Only one type of reward that can drop from battles, here’s a :star: for that :smile:

Hopefully it will stay this way :pray:


Edited: From leaderboard - Majority of players can reach 1467 (1/30 of 44,000) points without any shop buys. A small proportion may need to purchase Tier 1 to get there. Lots will however buy Tier 4 anyway because - new Mystery Egg weapon.

Phase 1: 4 battles from

  • Ultra-Rare> Egg Thief: 2 Dragon Eggs
  • Ultra-Rare> Dragonian Rogue: 3 Dragon Eggs
  • Epic> Fell Dragon: 4 Dragon Eggs

Phase 2: Followed by 2 battles from

  • Epic> Venbarak: 5 Dragon Eggs
  • Legendary> Shadow Dragon: 6 Dragon Eggs
  • Legendary> Nocturnia: 8 Dragon Eggs

Then go back to Phase 1 and repeat.

The random multiplier (1x, 1.4x, 2x) applies across all battles, so pick the one with the most base points (also equals most potential points) => higher rarity, and if there is a tie (in rarity), give a NoD to Nocturnia and Dragonian Rogue over Shadow Dragon and Egg Thief.

Predictions for funsies

Assuming the trend continues such that battles are scripted, and over the long term players are mostly forced to take roughly equal numbers of thief/rogue/fell dragon as well as venbarak/shadow dragon/nocturnia, then the average points (applying 1.18x) are

  • 17.7 for phase 1
  • 37.4 for phase 2

This gives about 145.5 average points after every 6 battles. If we allow for 95% of players to achieve in the range of 1.10x - 1.30x base points, then the point spread is roughly (by shop tier buy)

Tier    Sigils      Point Range   Edited: Actual from Leaderboard
0       60 - 64     1357 - 1681   *58 = 1655
1       64 - 68     1423 - 1803   *54 = 1450
2       70 - 74     1558 - 1963
3       80 - 84     1797 - 2245
4       90 - 96     2035 - 2565

Point range: (worst raven chance+1.10x) - (best raven chance+1.30x)
Guess for total points to reward stage 12 => ~51,000 more or less => Tier 2 buy

EDIT Even taking into account bad luck, scores in the LB are suggesting that players do get a bit of choice in battles, and have actual ability to consistently ignore the lowest scoring troops - thereby scoring higher than the predictions above. Good stuff! :star_struck::+1:


Always love calculations, thanks. Can already foresee complaints about different points for the same rarity.

Different points for the same rarity and variable scoring on all battles. Can’t even figure out a common rule to break ties …

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When are we going to see a guild leaderboard for these events? @Saltypatra


Slow down, the accouncement is just 8 months ago

But i hope if we ever see a guild leaderboard, it will not include orbs.
So maybe it is better they seem to forgot it :man_shrugging:


I still remember when different World Event Boss troops were supposed to have extra traits :gem_doomskull:


Pfft, that would mean making the actual battles more interesting. Didn’t you know changing the scoring is where it’s at!



I know you were sceptical about it last time we had the x1.18 average, and I didn’t find any that time that I recall, but there’s at least one other week with a screenshot example.

Calling on @Grundulum for a mnemonic? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(K)Nights Save Very Few Damsels, Ever?


Thanks @Jonathan for your ss proof. I got 6 eggs from an Egg Thief myself this time, and strangely 7 eggs from a Dragonian Rogue?!

Re mnemonic, I finished my 40 battles from 18 starting sigils for Tier 4 (ravens @ 2.22x), and what I wrote above worked for me. Highest rarity, otherwise a NoD to (No)cturnia/(D)ragonian Monk.


fixed typo

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Nothing wise about this selection…

Considering it can’t be found in the World event. (As far as I can tell)
The left hand not talking to the right is nothing old though…

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Need Sirrian’s Vespa, for drunken escapades. (@Jonathan)


No Safe Vector For Decent Entertainment?

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Somewhat on point: No Sage Values Fell Dragon Eggs

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Just think of the Campaign this week:

Next Step, Very Frustrating: Defeat Elemaugrim


At least it was only 3 dungeon battles so that’s something.

Its clearly never going to happen. Doom was beautiful in this regard but its replacement has zero intent of promoting a guild based reward. Pure shite. and a complete lie on their behalf

Except if you just search in casual pvp you can find it in seconds. I found it in my first offer. I fail to see this being a difficult task or a dev screw-up. It would be nice to have it in the world event sure, but def not necessary.