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Offline Farming

Would be nice if the game adopted an offline mode, similar to other games where the user could:

  1. Create a team
  2. Give it a task (E12 repeatedly, for example) to simulate

Rewards received upon login. Limit the # of hours that can be farmed at most, say 8 or 12 hours like many others.

Basically, where the AI simulates fights against itself and you win/lose matches dependent on its ability. This would prevent usage of clever player teams that the AI is simply not going to be as skilled at maximizing.

Well I suggested offline tribute collection, which happens once an hour and that was never gonna happen. This too, in my honest opinion, may not happen. Would be interesting though. And the game AI can learn synergy using our teams.

I can see offline tribute collection not happening. Gems have too much value. You can get ~200 a day, which would nearly mitigate the need to ever buy them again. With 24 hours of this, it’d likely increase to ~300.


Well, they could always have a diminishing factor in collecting tributes. First offline collection amounts to 90% of what the kingdoms bring. Second offline collection could be reduced further…and so on.

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You’ve just described cheating via bots. The devs are trying to eliminate botting, not make it a feature :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I mean, if you can’t beat 'em, why not make it largely ineffective?

Considering farming is 95-99% of the game, if the devs implemented this it would basically become an idle game.


One reason it wont be implemented at all -> server performance.
We’re experencing decreased server performance every friday new mythic /new delve is released just from people connecting and opening their chests/portals. Just imagine on top of that , server runnig a game simluation (for all players that are logged off by that time) to do their explore runs…
Servers would go down and instead of a feature we would have not playable environment…

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Nah, this can easily be done without impacting server performance in any significant way. There’s an entirely different reason why it won’t ever be happening. Gems of War isn’t an Idle Game and doesn’t want to turn into one. No play, no loot. Besides, the overall amount of free resources is fixed. If auto-farming could double your income when run round the clock then game modes would be adjusted to only hand out half rewards.

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I’m sure you are totally wrong at this point. Been working few years with data warehouse so I know how running even a few “light” scripts on top of what already is a huge database (with some performance bottlenecks already showing up- these might be network bottlenecks, but still) can kill it, or make it a 100% cpu/discs/memory usage for and hour or some, resulting of the whole thing being not avaible to users. If you want to kill the GoW - implementing this idea is the best way to do it.

Apart from above, I fully agree with you. Allowing scripts to run the game for you is not how you are intended to play.

I’m very sure I’m not. You are thinking the wrong direction, actually emulating battles nobody is ever going to see being played out. Game development is a lot about cutting those corners nobody is watching you take. In this case the shortcut is a rough estimation of what several hours of offline auto-battling would result in, calculated as part of the next login. Doesn’t require any scripts to be run at all, and nobody would be able to tell the difference.

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that’s not the thing OP is asking for, even if

This would work too … not actually simulate battles, but estimate the # of rewards that would have been earned. The game could even make it 1/2 the amount if logged in and playing - and players would likely appreciate it.

Jumping onto this to suggest:

Tribute collection via notifications on mobile lol.


Thats the best idea yet, sugar!!

I’m on board with this.

You don’t have GoW minimized in the background so that you don’t have to relog into the app every time the notification comes in? Or does iOS not allow that, as Android does?

Im on Android, but randomly miss notifications for some reason

They don’t do offline because of hackers. Back when games first started appearing on mobile I would hack the bejeezus out of them. I got deservedly banned from a few of them but I got away with most of them. With a free to play game only a fool of a developer would allow offline progress now.

Most mobile games offer some form of offline progression, don’t they? Either timers that continue; or catch-up farming while offline, etc.