Official Mean Machine / Angry Sprockets Guild Chat (All Friends Welcome)


:scream::astonished: I posted a screenshot of all 7’s that I had. Don and I are soul mates!!


If you’re all 7’s then I’m all 8’s!


I’d love to fight that match!


All that Gold just waiting to be earned… :moneybag:


Is that even REAL??? Photo shopped??? or Error??? :sweat_smile: -------> PVP Match Score :astonished:


Bugged to hell is what it is.


Maybe the unexpected overflow of 777’s tripped up the server circuit breaker and led to fatal error 888…

Still can’t get over the weird freaky alignment of the planets, here. Did you know that when you shrink an iOS image with resolution 2048x1536 (default resolution on my iPad) down 3x while preserving even integers, you get 666 x 500 pixels?

Check out the image source code of this post, that’s what it says! The image I posted was 800x600px but the forum converts it down to 666px.


It’s demon summoning time! Acolytes of Mean Machine come together, the immortal one will come once again! The planets are aligned, it’s time to make the sacrifice!





And if anyone is wondering who shall we summon, we will probably get draakulis in our next legendary task.





You summoned?


Are you either draak or MonaliBean? :smile:


Is it a he or a she? :joy:


Who knows?! Have a dance with it and find out, mate :smirk:


I’m about as good looking as both :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hard to determine who’s the better looking between them tho. Our of subject has anyone seen how Mister Beans daughter looks like? (She way over 18+ don’t worry). She is gorgeous!


Yes, I hear you Master. We must appease the inanimate Server Gods who keep tormenting Krystara, because peace is not upon the land. Shall I go ahead and order up a chicken, a poodle, or a three-headed monkey for the sacrifice? =p


Chicken sounds good. If the ritual fails we can eat it on the end.