🔆 Ocean's 30 are looking for you! moderate and friendly [eng/ger] [30/30]

You dont want to feel stressed and like to play in a friendly guild
with moderate minimum requirements without discord? Become a part of Ocean’s 30!
Our guildrank at the moment is 215- but rising up.
Weekly review, fair ranking, every 2 nd week full tasks + legendarys + 40 k seals are waiting for you!
If you are active and able to help with weekly minimum (average is much higher)
120 k gold,
700 seals
80 trophies
come in our guild! :heart_eyes:
You should love the guildevents. Participation is required.

Beginner dont need to spend gold. Important ist to be active.
The chatlanguage is mostly english, but german is possible too.
Please write a message to me or let your invitation code here - i invite you :blush:
Hope to see you later.

Greetings Carosaga

Please add me. Just left a dead guild. I play almost every day and would love to join your guild of questing group.

invite sent :slight_smile: welcome andrew

we have some more spots free. if you have a small guild up to 8 members come as group too :smiley:

shameless bump. some spots want to be closed :slight_smile:

maybe, i have a german player for you on sunday, but only at level 25 - 35 i think. just started this week. too low for your guild?

hey ANGI
he isnt to low. beginners are welcome :slight_smile:
tell me his/ her name and i invite on sunday.

i talk to her tomorrow/today. you also talk german in game chat?

i am german. so its possible. the biggest part of member are english, but i can write double in english and german. not a problem

gut, dann sage ich ihr Bescheid :slight_smile:

alles klar - hoffe es klappt. ich freue mich sehr über eine Mitstreiterin ^.^

ein paar Tipps kann ich ihr ja auch geben

join us. some spots are available :white_check_mark:

i talked to her, she’s already lev 26. so you can invite her right now: SNOW_JBYV

invite ist raus. :heart_eyes: danke ANGI
willkommen SNOW!

We need some more fighter :skull_and_crossbones:
come and join our nice place of guild! beginners are welcome and dont need to give gold at the beginning.

bump :hushed:
5 spots are free. did you hear the spots cry? xD

Pretty new - lvl 70. but active and looking for a guild that’s not a ghost town. Is that ok?

yes thats ok. i need your invitation code :slight_smile:

Invite code is TIGBERT_JXSB