Now forming new powerhouse guild


Hello my friends, it’s time to build another Powerhouse Guild. Our Goal is to be the best Guild War Clan! We will start from scratch and fight our way to the top. Seems impossible to do I know but when you put 30 Elite Players in the same guild we can make the impossible possible.

Weekly Requirements: Gold 500k, Seals 1500,

If interested in joining us please drop a note, the guild name will be announced this Monday!

Intrim VI ??


Lol that’s very funny but no more Intrim, Time to build a new Monster Squad

Oh dear, here we go again… :roll_eyes:

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NO MORE TROPHY CHASING WE ARE HEAD HUNTING! Looking for 29 Hardcore Players to unite. We will seek and destroy guilds 1 by 1 and week by week!!

Let’s go my Brothers and Sisters let’s come together!

What is the point Rhino?
It is better for elite players to stay in guilds which are already in top 20.
There is no bonus to start from scratch. It is just more work.

If there are elite players who don’t want to start from scratch but join top guild, let us “Marthos Guardians” know in recruit topic :slight_smile:

If you start from scratch, isn’t it only 15 players you can recruit?

Good luck finding a full house of veterans that are on board with dedicated guild wars and are not already in top guilds.

If you guys are interested in joining let me know.

Do you know that a new guild that wins every single guild war will still take about 2 years to reach the top bracket?


Also you could tell a little about yourself and why Elite players should join you?


If that is true this game is terrible

All the past threads that includes you shows me that everyone is smashing you, you can call them clowns, trolls or whichever you prefer. I am just here to help you, you got almost the whole community against you in the past. You can continue as you did in the past - which was a very unsuccessful attempt, or you can change. When that is said, it is difficulty for people to change their behaviour in any ways, I wouldn’t bet that you have learned from the past after what you wrote here, pal.

If your interested in joining let me know if not don’t waste my time nor yours

Yep, all other guilds formed were formed because Intrim existed, and god forbid that any guild had requirements before Intrim had them.
I think that the idea I had of what kind of person you are from the forums, was not wrong.

Lmfao here we go again. This is a recruiting thread, please keep your drama on your own thread

I wanna join

Just kidding

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It’s an open forum, and i am not having drama over you. Just pointed out for other readers how delusional you are.


Tell 'em Steve Dave