Novel won an award/Retired to write full time


My novel, the Internet President: None of the Above, just won the “Cross Genre” category in the American Fiction Awards!! I’m so excited! My novel blends elements of many genres, so it was a particularly fitting category to win.

This award would not be possible without the contributions of my story editor Curtis W. Ebelherr and my dozens of beta readers who helped me improve my novel to the book it is today. This includes many friends from the Gems of War community that have shared their feedback with me.

So there is now an award-winning book that mentions Gems of War. :slight_smile: :rofl:


Wow congrats!!!


Thanks. The Gems of War mention is in the back section called “Fact Versus Fiction.” Although there are hidden references like the use of the words Devour and Death Mark to give a nod to all my GoW friends.


Congratulations. You have done a super job.


Huge congratulations @PGSundling!!!




Thanks everyone for the kind wishes! This has certainly been one of the better days of my life.


Congrats! :grinning:


Way to go!


Amazing achievement, congrats!


Bought it and read the first chapter. Awesome. Looking forward to the rest of it. Cheers.


Congrats. Super-inspiring to all of us…


Congrats, bro!


Thanks so much for reading it. The last third of the book is where it gets really good. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it when you’re done. Any reviews on Amazon/Goodreads are appreciated of course.

There are a number of people who finished the book that enjoy discussing it. I know one reader already got her sister and best friend into the book.


hey now i know someone famous :innocent:
and you know someone infamous :smiling_imp:

Gratz mr pg

edit. PG Sundling hmmm sounds like a famous writers name


Holy crap congratulations! That’s awesome!


That’s fantastic! Congratulations!!


Cool even some nice words from some of the Devs! :star_struck:

As someone who works in tech, I salute them too.

Given that software is important in the book, the devs would probably appreciate some layers of the novel more deeply than most people. :slight_smile:


Wow! Congratulations!!!


I’m chasing my lifelong dream. I just retired so I could focus on my writing. That should speed things up for the next book!