[Not a bug] Where are the Cursed Gnomes?

spam that tweet with replys

“Or sprinkle a bit of bait to catch one!”

Umm… do they not even realise we haven’t been able to buy Cursed Gnome bait? Even if we wanted to :laughing:


do they realise? … yes
do they care?.. no

I’m not buying cursed gnime bait, that much is for sure.

And rather than spending my gems in the forge I’ll spend them on ToD to get my doomed weapons upgraded. It’s still the only affordable way.

But great update, though. At that rate, I can surely afford to craft the mythic in a year or two. :clown_face:

Happy holidays guys. Enjoy the holidays and don’t waste your time looking for cursed gnome. I have a conspiracy theory that @Jeto and @Kafka are one and the same. Just using different accounts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: She thought it is April fools day. But it is just Christmas season…then Valentines…then April fools.

:christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:

@Wow I wish I was as cool as Jeto

Regarding the Cursed Gnome, we’ve been passing the feedback you’ve all been posting onto the team.

The appearance rate was increased and in the data we can see that worked.

As this is a new Gnome, as always the team are monitoring the appearance data as well as the feedback about the new content and continuously review this information to decide whether tweaks to the balancing should be made.


@Kafka Well, I’ve still only had one drop since it was introduced and that was before reset. So that’s my feedback.


Oh, and thank you for editing my Subject. Now that we know it’s “Not a Bug” and the game is working the way it’s supposed to, we can conclude that the scarcity is intended.


And yet players are very unhappy that it’s not appearing for them. Funny how that works.

I’ve had one since the end of the Vault event, and that’s with the alleged 7-day introductory boost in place. What happens when that ends? They’re basically unavailable?


And again: this is a communication problem, just like the Halloween battlecrashers were. The statement of the boosted rate set up an expectation that it’d be worthwhile grinding for Cursed Gnomes during this week, but the reality seems very much otherwise. We feel like our time and effort is being wasted.


So after the boost ends, you might find them once or twice a year. I don’t mind low drop rates, I love hunting things (orbs, paloozas etc…) But this is a bit different, because there really is nothing totally worth it, or is there? So why even care…

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I think more likely you will see a handful each Vault event and once in a blue moon between those

Then it Clearly didn’t work for everyone I spended hundred of battles in-game and saw only them 4 times yeah good job and fix this

Then we should start submitting request to support until they actually show us data or change this appearance rate took them to respond 6 day from event

They choose to go with the word Celebration as well. I am not gonna believe ever that this was intentional. People doing 1000s of battles (wasting their time) just to maybe see one Cursed Gnome - if they are lucky…

This is not how you would want to run your game. This is madness.


This reminds me a lot of an appearance rate issue two months ago, Devil battlecrashers being hard capped at 2. The community tested this extensively, nobody ever got a third battlecrasher, even after several hundred thousand combined attempts. And yet we received this response from you after reporting it:

I’ll be frank here, I don’t believe you. The Cursed Gnome rate is broken. It hasn’t been looked at by anybody. You are just making up a story it’s actually working, like two months ago. In your defense, you probably couldn’t get hold of anybody from “the team” and tried to defuse the situation by posting something. It’s not really helping though, players are wasting hours upon hours grinding on a wild gnome chase that has next to no chance of success. Being honest might not be received uniformly well but it would at least restrict the collateral damage.


The funny thing about data analysis is that the data will always tell you something worked, depending upon how you phrase the question to it. The top 2% of grinders probably have found more of the Cursed Gnomes. But look around!

This team seriously needs a player experience advocate.

As a player, I consider myself to be middle of the pack. Not one of the hardcore 2% grinders but far from casual too.

Six days I’ve played this “Celebration” event, in my usual midrange fashion and I can sum up the results in one word.


I challenge you @Kafka or @Nimhain to sit down in the players seat for just one hour. Play explore and let us know how it feels.

Data is helpful, but fun keeps people playing.


Data is one thing. But the reality of it is something else altogether.

I won’t waste my time chasing cursed gnomes, and I lost my initial enthusiasm for the update.

The almost free 1 time recipes are great, the rest is a major disappointment.


I would believe that the cursed gnome appearance rate is indeed increased this week, absent any evidence to the contrary. Most people seem to be complaining that the rate is low, which certainly is the case, but this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been boosted over its baseline.

Presumably, the soulforge upgrade isn’t meant to be completed within this week for most people, but this was not well communicated, and the boosted rate is low enough that most casual players will probably feel put off trying to hunt these gnomes.

I think most people would have been happier to have, say, a guaranteed cursed gnome bait after a certain number of battles daily rather than a boosted rate when the rate is this low, because there would be something concrete and deterministic to strive for in that case.


There was one report on the forums of this happening, though it might have been due to reset shenanigans which carried over to the kingdom pass. As a beta tester during that period, I can confirm that one tester did report getting three devils on one day, though I don’t know anything about the circumstances surrounding that report.